Mario Kart 8 Receives New 20 Minute Long Gameplay Video

A new 20 minute long gameplay video is now available for Mario Kart 8, showcasing several tracks and gameplay features.

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NintySonySoft1671d ago

wow this game looks amazing!!!!

Spinal1671d ago

Looks like the best Next gen game so far. Infamous Second Son is 2nd to this :)

objdadon1671d ago

I! You can't be serious right? Did you really just put mario kart and imfamous graphics in the same sentence? That's got to be the funniest shit I've ever seen as a comment on any website! Lol! GTFOH!

marloc_x1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

@ objdadon : interesting that you used the word "graphics" when Spinal's comment did not. Typical CASUAL gamer mentality..

Spinal1670d ago


LOOOL its funny that next gen to you means graphics. Next gen to me means Next Generation of Consoles. My PC out specs all the new consoles, if im looknig for graphics I'll stick to my PC games.

Gameplay is where its at. Mario Kart looks sooooooooooo damn fun compared to most games on the new consoles. Infamous second son i had a blast with but I can see Mario Kart 8 topping that fun.

I got Watch Dogs coming next week for my PC and Wildstar too.

Then got UFC for my Ps4 in June and Destiny in Sept. Game on!

darthv721671d ago

This game IS amazing. Played it at gamestop.

Saddly, it will get overshadowed by all the bickering between ps4 and xb1 fans and will likely sell low numbers. A real shame as this is a game that gamers of ALL platforms can and should enjoy.

deafdani1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Mario Kart never sells low numbers. Even Double Dash sold 8 million, despite being on a console that sold a paltry 20 million units in total.

Trust me, this Mario Kart will sell 4 million minimum, and that's only accounting for the CURRENT install base. It will very likely sell more than that. :)

InTheZoneAC1671d ago

if the game doesn't sell it's because people don't like it or what it is...

randomass1711671d ago

Mario Kart will sell several million throughout the course of the console's lifespan, exactly as deafdani was describing.

Wow, that statement felt like a type-twister.

ShaunCameron1671d ago

9 days to go before it hit stores.

Skate-AK1671d ago

Can't wait to play it. Looks so good.

Locknuts1670d ago

I like watching people playing the game getting genuinely excited. That's better than a review for me. I can totally tell when it's fake though. This guy and everyone else I've seen play it were really into it, which means day one for me.

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