'Project V1' Mysterious Countdown Website, Reveal In 9 Days

A countdown for something called "Project V1" has been launched, with the words "He is coming" on the site. The reveal is in 9 days

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Iltapalanyymi1641d ago

the background looks like a helmet.
any ideas?

guitarded771641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Judge Mutha' Funkin' Dread!!!

Seriously... I have no idea.

Here's a link to the background without the mess, if that helps. The V does not appear in the image. It may be a Roman numeral. With it possibly being on so many platforms, it could be part of a series.

randomass1711641d ago

I can't tell if that's Dredd... but it certainly looks similar. A Dredd FPS perhaps?

3-4-51641d ago

The Ears are showing....if that helps decipher at all.

Endless_X1641d ago

Some people are mentioning Viewtiful Joe, but I don't think so.

randomass1711641d ago

Seems a bit too long to be Joe's helmet, but I'll believe anything at this point.

coltlokk1640d ago

Can't think of anything else it would be and this point...

Probably a new ip?

mezati991641d ago

i love this kind of stuff

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The story is too old to be commented.