PS4 Dragonball Game Gets First Stunning Screenshots; Promises Graphics Possible Only on PS4

A few days ago a new Dragonball game to be launched on PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360 was outed by the Japanese press, and today Namco Bandai relesed the first three screenshots.

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core_51191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

stunnig? not even HD resolution .. lame

stolen from official homepage:

Abriael1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Yeah because whether a picture looks good or not is determined just by how many pixels it has right?

jcnba281191d ago

Please go easy on the titles of your articles lol

okmrman1191d ago

Stunning is the only word in this guys vocabulary it seems

SilentNegotiator1191d ago

It's 2014. 640x360 screenshots don't cut it.

TheDevKit1191d ago

If you don't mind pictures being in 240p.

psyxon1191d ago

don't worry, bro. i agree with you and i absolutely HATE dbz games, and their art. but the screenshots look amazing. not everything has to be in HD, kiddos.

you have to remember, the majority of the gaming community are still kids playing in a sandbox. they can't appreciate things outside of that yet. but they will. one day.

NewMonday1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

looks like Japaneses games skipping the XB1 is becoming a trend, meaning most Japan games will be new gen exclusive on the PS4.

FamilyGuy1190d ago

I came thinking "How much better could a DBZ game look?" It actually does look really good though, better than current DBZ games after all.

fr0sty1190d ago


Well, lets give you a picture made of 100 pixels, and another made of 1000000, and we'll see which looks better.

The characters look good, but the backgrounds sucks. Those rocks in the second pic are super blurry.

DukeofRandomcat1190d ago

That being said, I'm unsure these are PS4 screenshots. The textures on one of the pictures rocks is pretty horrid for current gen.

LAWSON721190d ago

You got that right I like my images to be big and for that to happen the res has to be higher

CryofSilence1190d ago

Looks good, but tone down the article titles. It makes your site look unprofessional.

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okmrman1191d ago

Its dualshockers
What else do you expect?

colonel1791190d ago

What do you mean?

I actually like Dualshockers. IMO, it's one of the better sites recently. They never sleep or something, because they write like 1000 of articles a day. Most of the information I get is from them, and they do it pretty well. They also have a great layout in the articles. I would only redesign the main page, but overall, I thing they are great.

At least much better than IGN, Kotaku, Gamespot, etc.

KwietStorm1190d ago

Is that third one the hyperbolic time chamber or is that another planet? I don't remember.

TAURUS-5551190d ago

well we really need a decent 3D fighting game.

DBZ is usually the best. cant wait to play it on my PS4

Blaze9291190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

let the hype begin. After all these years I truly wonder how the marketing department at NamcoBandai STILL finds ways to "hype" a Dragon Ball Z game...that CLEARLY, does not get better with each game.

Yet somehow. SOMEHOW, even with dualshockers faking like they wont give this a 7 or below, they will move millions of units of mediocrity.

BitbyDeath1190d ago

You just saying that cause xbone isn't getting it. DBZ will never die.

Kran1190d ago

They're trying to make it HD but still anime style.

Tommykrem1190d ago

Yeah, Dualshockers uses words like "stunning" pretty much every time they get hold of some screenshot. Guess you can't blame them for wanting people to check out their articles, but it gets a little ridiculous sometimes.

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nyobzoo1191d ago

visuals only possible on PS4 but also coming for the PS3/360.....yea

Abriael1191d ago

Because it's going to look exactly the same on all three platforms, right?

candy_mafia1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Wow! DBZ and Naruto cross over pls!!! :))

The games output on next gen is starting to go wild!!

E3 and then some :))


Why no X1 version???

Dasteru1191d ago


That would end badly for Naruto.

Blaze9291190d ago

@Abriael lol you think it won't?

Gamer19821190d ago

Theres no X1 version of a lot of Jap games lately like the Warriors series from Koei (no SW4 for x360 either). Partly because xbox sells bad in Japan and the X1 isn't available there just yet plus games outside FPS and the massive AAA just dont sell as well on Xbox.

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KwietStorm1190d ago

Do you understand how graphics work?

XiSasukeUchiha1191d ago

PS4 does unlimited possibilities when its come to visuals

Detoxx1191d ago

Unlimited how? Half the games ain't 1080P or 60FPS.

(I'm a PS4 owner myself).

Deadpoolio1190d ago

Clearly you aren't a PS4 owner because ALL of the PS4s games are 1080p....Not sure where you get you half the games ain't, because they ALL again ALL are. You can try to argue KZ MP all you want and it doesn't change the FACT that the Single player is still native 1080p just like ALL the other games...Watch Dogs will be the first game that isn't....

What you must have meant was your an X1 owner and only 3 games are 1080p....

But you go ahead skippy find an actual verifiable list of PS4 games that aren't 1080p from an actual credible site that isn't MisterXmedia

Detoxx1190d ago


Check Battlefield 4's resolution. Prohint: it's not 1080P.