Oculus Working on Headset-Mounted Camera With Possible Gesture Controls

VRFocus - It has been revealed that Oculus VR, the company behind the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset, is working on a second camera for the headset on top of the one included in the second developer kit (DK2). The proposed addition would be fitted to the headset itself, facing outwards as opposed to the first camera that sits in front of users to track the position of the device and replicate physical head movements in-game.

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rodiabloalmeida1671d ago

The thing is getting bigger and bigger... literally!

ninjahunter1671d ago

I can sense things accidentally getting punched in my future.

elhebbo161670d ago

Hope they build there own versions of the Hydra's or Move. even including some artificial recoil system like these tactical haptic grips you see in this video:

starchild1670d ago

I personally think gloves would be better.

elhebbo161670d ago

You are right but since a lot of first person games are build around holding something (an axe, a gun, a crowbar) I figure this will be more important, In the future they should tackle other types of motion attachments like gloves and I dunno something you strap around your waste.

aliengmr1670d ago

With the gloves, they should also have an "all-in-one" controller that can be made into a gun or a wheel or anything else. Something that can provide the feel and also be adaptable.

calactyte1670d ago

They just need this:

Won't happen though since Carmack is interested in glove/wrist free finger tracking.