Yakuza Ishin Interview: PS4 Benefits, Western Release And No Plans For Xbox One Version

"Yakuza is a name that is connected with Sony since the PlayStation One days. Almost every major game in the series has been an exclusive to the PlayStation platform so it was only obvious that Yakuza Ishin will make its way to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3."

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starchild1644d ago

Yeah, I want it localized for the west. Looks great.

Mega241644d ago

Yeah, they need to bring it, haven't played a Yakuza game in so long!

Magicite1644d ago

why would it come for x1? no reason.

Darkstares1644d ago

"Why did you decide to make the game on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, instead of just PlayStation 4 or just PlayStation 3?
For both PS3 and PS4, we wanted to have as many people as possible to play the game."

But they have no plans for a Western release and it's PS3 and PS4 only. So unless Westerners wouldn't buy this game his comment is contradictory.

Allsystemgamer1644d ago

I wanna try it. Samurai are awesome

Delsin_Rowe1644d ago

Hey each company get their exclusive, you got TitanFall then we have this so be happy.

TheDevKit1644d ago

What's wrong with the franchise being available to more people?

wheatley1644d ago

This looks great, and I'm hopeful for a western release :)

KonsoruMasuta1644d ago

He said that there are no plans.

He also said this about an XboxOne version, if anyone didn't read the article.

Deadpool6161644d ago

[Leonid: How long was Yakuza Ishin in development?

Sega Japan: It was 1 year.]

Take notes Square Enix.

KonsoruMasuta1644d ago

Sega didn't have the director of this game working on multiple projects at the same.

Deadpool6161644d ago

So Square Enix is spread thin and mismanaged? You don't say?

WeAreLegion1644d ago

As much as I would love a western release, I highly doubt it would do well in the west.

Spotie1644d ago

The series has never had stellar sales, but there is a thriving fanbase here.

With any luck, they'll let ATLUS handle localizing it.

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The story is too old to be commented.