New PS4 and PS3 Models Revealed by Certification Request Filed by Sony

The PS4 has just been launched a few months ago, but Sony might already be planning to launch a new model of the console. The manufacturer filed for the registration of two new “Computer Entertainment Systems” with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.

The model numbers definitely seem to indicate an upcoming new model for both the PS4 and the PS3.

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Abriael1669d ago

Nope. the change of the second digit of the number means an internal change, like the new 40nm RSX in the PS3 slim for instance.

5eriously1669d ago

As usual Nice find Abriael! Cannot wait for E3 to see all the new trends.

Sethry1011669d ago

What would this internal change entail? And would it create any tangible difference?

UltraNova1669d ago


Lower system temps and power consumption, most likely...

SoapShoes1669d ago

PS4 price drop? Usually reworked internals means not only lower power consumption but cheaper to produce. I can see a price drop certainly for PS3 since its way too high.

inveni01668d ago

Probably cheaper parts. Which is good for Sony and good for us.

mikeslemonade1668d ago

Probably just a 1 terabyte HDD PS4. Can't really make it smaller this fast.

randomass1711668d ago

Well, well, well, it'll be interesting to see how that plays out.

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GribbleGrunger1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Perhaps a 1tb HDD version?

edit: Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks.

Abriael1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Nope. That is indicated by the change of the letter at the end of the code. A 1 TB version would be CUH-1006B

edit: i did my homework :PPP

ScottyHoss1669d ago

A 2TB would be nice D: oh well, looks like I'll have to dissect a seaport slim :P because it's the only 2 that would fit and you can't buy them separate from the casing -_-

zero_gamer1668d ago

PS3 Slim 2100 and 2500 are the same systems apart from hard drive changes.

randomass1711668d ago

Dang Abriael, you're beating everyone to the punch on this one lol.

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Abriael1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Nope. The number says otherwise. Most probably an internal change.

Madderz1669d ago

What sort of internal change?

Could changing the disc drive or something and making it smaller be considered as an internal change?

Or are we talking something we won't notice??

nunley331668d ago

I hope it's a new wireless N card but it's probably not that, a new sku seems likely.

GribbleGrunger1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

We have this too from last year:

And this just popped up. Very nice:

Ju1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

PS3 makes sense....I would guess Sony redesigned quite a lot of the PS3 for PS Now which runs 4xPS3 "servers" on one blade - with internal changes. 4 of those in one 19" blade requires a tiny CELL & RSX & XDR combo. Makes total sense to feed this back into a new console. I would guess - or speculate.

Oops...I am wrong. PS Now has actually 8 (!) PS3s on one MB:

- they should sell this. It would run GT6 @ 4K @ 60fps ;) (actually, 4 would suffice for that).

Magicite1669d ago

These new models will make PS3/4 more reliable. Less heat, less stress on hardware and less noise from fan. A welcome addition.

sonic9891668d ago

Really PS4 slim ?
some people need to move from their Tv sets and stop watching spongebob .

rodiabloalmeida1668d ago

Spongebob is my idol. My role model.

randomass1711668d ago

For what it's worth I would love a PS4 slim. Both my PS1, PS2 and even my PS3 are the slim models. So it'd be awesome to be able to nab a PS4 slim to complete the family. :)

Retroman1668d ago

Squidward is my idol . back on topic : rather have ps4 / ps3 back ward compatibility slim model .

3-4-51668d ago

* They are getting ahead of the game.

* They go from $400 to $350

* XB1 just dropped price by $100 to match PS4.

* When they both drop again, PS4 will have a new model to go along with it.

Canary1668d ago

The PS4 is already a pretty low-power beast. I can't imagine it'd be easy to improve much--especially considering how old the tech is.


Anyway, I'd rather they work on fixing up the UI into something serviceable than keep playing around with the hardware--the hardware is fine. It's the firmware that needs work!

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WeAreLegion1669d ago

So, these would only have slight changes to the innards? I wonder if this is more of a money saving thing or a quality thing.

Abriael1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Well, the passage from 65 nm process to 40 was definitely not "slight," means less power consumption and heat.

Possibly lower price too, at least for Sony.

imt5581669d ago


Agree. New chips size reduction, less power consumption, GDDR5 memory modules are cheaper = 99.9% PRICE CUT! If this happens @E3, it will be a MEGATON and blow to Microsoft.

Ju1668d ago

There won't be any PS4 price drop - at least not immediately. Sony is probably 1M over goal with this thing. Doesn't cry for a price drop at this point, IMO.

randomass1711668d ago

No complaints on my part if that's the case. It'll make it that much easier for me to save up for a PS4. :)

evilhasitsway1668d ago

I imagine a new model with a $50 price drop around xmas is whats going to happen along with new version of ps3.

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candy_mafia1669d ago ShowReplies(8)
frostypants1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Cooler running hardware = improved reliability.

fOrlOnhOpe571669d ago

Wow, some roadmap that Sony has. They're not hanging about.

JMyers1669d ago

This Internal change probably means less costs for Sony to produce the device/s.

May not be reflected in price, but good news for Sony. Tiny increments in operational costs/production can mean massive savings in the long term.

Abriael1669d ago

Yep, especially considering how many they're selling.

Yet, with the reduction in price of the Xbox One, it could be smart to drop the price even a little bit.

PS4, $389. People do look at this kind of things.

Of course I don't know if they'll do it, but it'd seem a smart course of action to me.

SniperControl1669d ago

I do predict a price drop at E3 for the PS3 and PS4(maybe even the Vita), maybe £20 or so for the PS4, bring it down to £330 in order to galvanise the still waiting last gen crowd.

I also predict a massive E3 for Sony, they are gonna show a ton of games, gadgets and services.

JMyers1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

How about this... rather than dropping the price, Sony says they'll include the camera for the same price $399. This may be a better move.

Although the XB1 price is lower, I think demand for the PS4 will stay the same, with XB1 increasing. Quite possible in this market.

Also, the XB1 is only now on equal terms... in terms of Games with Gold, optional camera, price, and removal of the paywall for Apps.

Sony needs to push the idea of more powerful hardware at the same price, and F2P not requiring Plus. The truly distinguishing factor are the games now.

I think MS will reach deep into the wallet to get DLC first and exclusive content and advertising deals (especially with EA). This will gain them mind share like with COD.

Sony on the other hand needs to do a lot more to keep the idea of "PS4 has no games" at bay. We know this isn't true, but they need to out right show it, and release their games out with third party releases, so they can stand on their own. What I mean is that Sony had so many titles last gen, which competed with 3rd party launches, resulting in some of these 3rd parties selling more on the 360.

Time released, but more announcements. A better strategy I think... Ooops longer post that I thought.

extermin8or1668d ago

Better tolaunch some bundles with games for the 399 pricepoint. Like one with The Last of Us Remastered for $399...

randomass1711668d ago

If Sony plans to drop the price, I know they would want it to be a significant one. I'm thinking $369.99 or lower if they're feeling extra competitive.

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ElementX1669d ago

Sony probably found something to remove, like they do with every new console version.

barb_wire1669d ago

Like MS did by removing Kinect?


Maybe the PS4 is getting an new wifi antenna? I read that the current one is quite weak.

ElementX1669d ago

No, Sony removed the OLED screen from Vita, USB ports and backwards compatibility from the later models of PS3 and the new PS3 I bought to replace an older one doesn't even have a disc slot it has a cheap plastic sliding cover!

SoapShoes1669d ago

The sliding cover is way better. I hate having to turn on the system to remove a disc. Top loaders ftw. Also I much prefer the LCD to Oled. It has more natural colors that aren't super saturated, less ghosting, and will have a longer life than Oled.

rainslacker1668d ago

Everything you mentioned they removed coincided with a price drop, so what's your point? The only thing I can think that Sony removed without a price drop was OtherOS, which most gamer's didn't use anyways.

All companies find ways to lower the price either for them or their customers, and sometimes that's a redesign, or a removal of a feature that isn't profitable or wanted anymore. Generally, if you want the version with everything, you buy early.

Anyhow, you should read Abriel's posts above. He actually looked into what it would likely be, and seems the most reasonable, since there isn't much Sony could actually take out and still make the system operable.

Spotie1668d ago

They should remove your comments.

Most things that have been removed were for the sake of cost, efficiency, or both.