Top 5: Retail Games On Xbox One

Dave Burns of writes "It’s been a very successful six months for Xbox, we’ve seen some great titles release and we have even more huge titles coming soon such as Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs, Far Cry 4 and The Division, EA’s Dragon Age: Inquisition and Activision’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare & Destiny. We’re here now to celebrate the best retail games that are already available, if you don’t own any of these titles then make sure you pick them up."

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BX811670d ago

I've been enjoying the hell out of bf4 now that its playable online. Couldve been a great experience str8 out the gate if it worked. This game will probably go down as one of the biggest gaming s.n.a.f.u's of all time.

Dynasty20211670d ago

It's always been playable.

Oh wait, you mean on consoles.

BX811669d ago

I'm specifically talking about the xb1 version. Nice waste of your one bubble though.

kratoz12091670d ago

Battlefield 4 and war thunder is where my time goes

IcicleTrepan1670d ago

I've been playing BF4 on PS4. I'm not really enjoying the online functionality of it. I don't know if it's any different on XB1, there's still a lot of rubber banding and silly things like quick match putting you on privately held servers that are open to the public and have ridiculous rulesets.

incendy351670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Hard to argue with that list, unless you are a sports fan then I could see both FIFA and NBA 2K on it. And obviously if you are a racing fan Forza would rest at the #1 spot. Like me : )