Demon's Souls Director Appointed President of From Software

Kadokawa announced today with a press release that following the acquisition of From Software by the group, the executive team of the development studio has undergone several changes.

The most interesting within the list is the appointment of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki as President of the studio.

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miyamoto1639d ago

Demon's Souls the savior of JRPGs!

GribbleGrunger1639d ago

Congratulations, beast of luck ...


MasterCornholio1639d ago

I wonder how beastly their next project is?

Tony-Red-Grave1639d ago

Did you think this reply would be helpful?

This is no time to be reading replies!

linkenski1639d ago

A game without anime design... does that even qualify as JRPG?

Lord_Sloth1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

It's Japanese and it's an RPG so yes. It simply uses a more Dark Fantasy tone and design as opposed to the colorful world of Anime.

Palitera1639d ago

If only it was a JRPG...

Calling it a JRPG is like calling CoD a role playing game, because, you know, you... Play a role in the game.

The expression means much more than "RPG MADE in Japan".

brish1639d ago

To some people jrpg means an rpg made in Japan. To other people the term is a specific style of game that originally was created in Japan but any game in that style can be labelled as a jrpg.

My thoughts on it? Who cares! The souls games are some of the best games ever made no matter what category they are put in and that's the important part.

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RedSoakedSponge1639d ago

totally well deserved. Demon's/Dark Souls are amazing games!

FogLight1639d ago

Wohohoho! I am playing Demon's Souls currently and hearing this news got me excited!

In my personal opinion, that just increased my expectations for Project Beast being true

I_am_Batman1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Playing Demon's Souls for the first time. It's really great so far (I'm about 8 hours in). I really like the game design even though it took a couple of deaths to understand how the game is supposed to be played. I really like the atmosphere and setting so far and the online features are genious.

KingKelloggTheWH1639d ago

message me if you ever need help, love those games

Evilsnuggle1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

I heard that they shut down the server For Demon's Soul's. There's no game like Demon's Soul's the story and atmosphere Is amazing. Demon's Soul's and The Last Of Us are my two favorite games of last generation. Demon's Soul's is the best jprpg I have played since Panzer Dragoon saga. I hope project beast is directly linked to Demon's Soul's. Maybe project beast takes place In the land of the Giants From Demon's Soul's?


Kivespussi1639d ago

Yeah I really love that game. Best atmosphere and lore out of the three souls games but it is starting to show its age.
And if you like it, you might want to check out some souls youtubers like VaatiVidya. They got me really interested in lore. Before that I just liked demon's and dark souls because of the combat. Now the games are so much more since the lore is really well thought and whenever I find a new interesting lore I try to piece it together with what I already know


From DID actually shut down the servers. But they brought them back online when Demon's souls was put up to PSN store.

belac091639d ago

the server is still open i was just invading people taday. i play it everyday. its sooooo good.

Chaos_Raiden1639d ago

Congratulations to him. He and the development team should be commended for developing a great game. :D

Whitey2k1639d ago

And theres a ps4 exclusive coming from them!!

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