Dragon Ball New Project : some HQ screenshots from V-Jump

This is the new Dragon Ball for PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360. What do you think ? Gameplay or cutscenes ?
Anyway, enjoy these few HQ screenshots.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1431d ago

Game needs an overhaul.

Fans have been bored with the combat for years.

All them Goku's in there and Namco still don't hear what we saiyan. (sorry had to :)

AiirJordann231431d ago

All them Goku's in there and Namco still don't hear what we saiyan. Lol, funny.

But you are right everything is the same
No new characters it really is boring
I never get excited for a dbz game anymore

Shadonic1431d ago

I've always felt like the old boudokai series had the most deep and intense style of combat that moved away from the whole button mash fighter that we have today. They've revamped the combat already it just sucked really really bad.

badboy7761430d ago

Is the PS2 Gaming Era back?

Heavenly King1431d ago

I only need Budokai 3 with PS4 graphics and it will be awesome!

gameslayer24111431d ago

Agreed, we need a MK9 style, Dragonball Z Game, hmm...I should do that...Who is with me!?

Gooch_suplex_Hold1430d ago

I'd like another one made by Arc System works.

blackblades1431d ago

IKR, the only time I'll feel excited is if they announced a budokai 4/burst limit 2, with new characters, and story.

Baka-akaB1430d ago

Yawn , i'll go watch again a feed of Hyper dbz