Wolfenstein New Order: Graphics cards benchmarks

The guys at PC Games Hardware made some graphics cards benchmarks with Wolfenstein The New Order. During the tests, they were plagued by technical issues with GeForce and Radeon cards. It seems that owner of a GeForce card have minor problems than those with Radeons.

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Miss_Vixen1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Here's another site that tested a large number of graphic cards & cpu, along with how much memory the game consumes at various settings & resolutions. It's in Russian, but just scroll down the page & you'll see the performance graphs.

Stapleface1673d ago

Thank you. Don't get the disagrees it's useful information that adds to this conversation.

Miss_Vixen1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Your very welcome :)
It's alright, I don't really don't mind the disagrees. There will always be disagrees regardless what is post sometimes.

sungam3d1672d ago

Cool, great link!
My GTX 770 with i7 2700k should eat this for breakfast.

windblowsagain1672d ago

Awful flat lighting with poor textures and poor engine.

Should have been made with