FAR CRY 4 Creative Director Addresses Box Art Controversy

Far Cry 4 creative director Alex Hutchinson has addressed the minor furore which arose recently over Far Cry 4's box art.

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ArchangelMike1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

I just don't get it. Do people not want the videogame industry to mature and grow up? If this was a movie poster, there would be no such 'outcry'! Why? Well because it's okay for movies do depict real life issues, but games OMG NO!

Peeps need to get real! Even if it was a white guy on a Himalayan, so what? Let the story be told. Let us not censor ourselves and stifle artistic expression within the gaming industry, just because of some false and misplaced egalitarianism.

Sideras1636d ago

Well there was a whole lot of whine over Django Unchained, because god forbid the industry would touch on mature subject, never mind it being a good film.

Pozzle1639d ago

There was a controversy? o_O

timmyp531639d ago

My thoughts exactly. First I heard of it. But come on UBI. Thats a pretty ugly cover. But I guess its better then the usual ones with a man standing heroically with an assault rifle.

morganfell1639d ago

Well plenty of us were aware of this idiocy. Twitter and Gaf blew up over the invented issue.

What is hilarious is there was an entire Gaf thread full of people decrying the evil nature of the art depicting a white man with his hand on a member of the local population. White oppression they were screaming. I was laughing because I have seen plenty of people from SE Asia with died blonde hair that looked exactly like that guy. Now those same hypocrites at Gaf are backpeddling wondering why there was ever a controversy.

Qrphe1639d ago

I guess lol, there is always a way

generic-user-name1639d ago

Because if you're not killing white dudes 100% of the time, you're a racist.

Sideras1636d ago

Go the Resident Evil 5 route, because if you throw in some random white guys and Sadam Hussein clones in some back water shanty town in Africa it's no longer racist.
The very action of rectifying this is racist.

ThichQuangDuck1639d ago

Because if he was white and the player him going to a new found land and oppressing the people would be offensive?

Hey Ubisoft I find his pink suit offensive in the himalayas
Hey Ubisoft I find his hairstyle offensive
Hey Ubisoft my family died holding a grenade

Like really?

NintendoYouth1639d ago

I love the artwork.

To me the white guy seems to have maybe "drugged" or "enslaved" the inhabitants of the region?
maybe just paying them off to do his bidding?

I dont find it racist at all, just wondering about the plot.

veegeeeffex1638d ago

Get real, that image was never going to end up on the front of a box. They made another one without the soldier.

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