Watch_Dogs Pre-load Won’t Be Available on PS4; Feature Will Start With Destiny

The addition of a pre-load feature for pre-ordered games on the Sony Entertainment Network with PS4 firmware 1.7 made many assume that the option would debut with Watch_Dogs, but apparently that won’t be the case.

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AaronPS1665d ago

Hmm that's odd. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Watch Dogs named by Sony as the first preloadable game on PS4. Either way I don't see preloading games coming to EU anytime soon :(

Abriael1665d ago

I'm not 100% sure they said it officially, but i'm suspecting Ubisoft is afraid of leaks.

xPhearR3dx1665d ago

I remember them Tweeting it out that you could. Which almost made me pre-order digitally. Fortunately, I went with the disc version instead.

And for your comment below. It was the GTAV pre-load but people were extracting the pre-load on to PC and trying to decode the files so Sony removed it. That's how they managed to rip tons of audio and a few videos from the game.

Sci0n1665d ago

They are worried about leaks? I guarantee we will see live streams of the game in a few days all over live from PlayStation.

Kane221665d ago

if im correct. for a bit didnt they have gta5 pre-load option but then it got taken away cause some idiot decided to dig into the files.

Abriael1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

I may remember incorrectly, but I think it wasn't an actual preload, just aq glitch that allowed people to download stuff, which caused them to take down the preorder for a while.

Kane221665d ago

before people start hating on sony. remember this is ubisofts game. so if they dont wont pre-load then watch dogs wont have it. if this is true. wtf happened at ubisoft.

Akuma2K1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

I hope sony gets this feature situated soon (if there is a problem between them and game deveopers on which game should have the feature etc..), hopefully it'll arrive sooner than September for the destiny game.....we might hear something at E3.

KwietStorm1665d ago

What a joke. It's like nothing just works in this industry anymore. So not only will this big feature end up being a select few games, I have to wait months before it's actually usable. And now instead of playing Watch Dogs when it releases, it won't be until late the next day. It's useless now.

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