PlayStation Now PS4 Beta Delayed, Codes Will be Sent Within Two Weeks

Today the PlayStation Blog announced that the PlayStation Now beta was scheduled to start yesterday, but apparently that wasn’t the case.

After a pretty confusing afternoon during which support representatives from Sony told users that the PS4 app would be available later in the day, things have changed, and they’re now sharing that only PS3 beta codes were sent, while everyone that received a PS3 code yesterday or earlier and also marked PS4 as his chosen platform when registering will receive the code for the PS4 within an “official time frame” of two weeks.

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Mikey322301669d ago

Sony is so weird! ugh.

How hard is it to just wait until your ready.. wait until your really ready to announce anything.

No one was expecting you to announce the PS Now beta for PS4, you could couldnt wait 2 more weeks to announce it when its actually ready.

Instead sony likes mass confusion apparently, Poor communication skills

Stapleface1669d ago

PS Now beta delayed, no pre-load for Watch Dogs. Everything is going to hell in a hand basket at Sony. Going down fast. /s

porkChop1669d ago

Wolfenstein didn't have a preload either. I had to download it myself. I don't understand why Sony added a cool feature and then don't push publishers to use it.

Iltapalanyymi1669d ago

Can anyone confirm this? i got my code today, redeemed it online, but im at work right now so i cannot use my ps4.

Mikey322301669d ago

I'm pretty sure u can redeem it online but it wont work on your PS4, its only PS3 for now still. Even though it is recognized as a valid code for Ps4.

XisThatKid1668d ago

Too bad you didn't have a vita for this situation.

nope1111669d ago

I know this being a beta and all, but maaaan they need improvements when the full thing launches. It's laggy as hell and it looks ugly.

Funny, when i tested my connection it said i can run game at its highest possible quality lol.

Joe9131669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Maybe it is your ISP or something I got my code yesterday and I was playing all night last night it ran fine for me and my PS3 is on wifi as far as looks the now store looks like the PS4 store.

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