Sony PS Vita available in Europe on June 27th

According to multiple sources, Sony's new PS Vita Slim will be available in Europe on June 27th. The bundle will include a 8 Gb memory card and 5 games. (The console is already available in the UK)

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Minimee1673d ago

Sony, what took you so long ? ... :-/

Yi-Long1673d ago

I picked up a VITA a few weeks ago, mainly because I wanted the OLED-Vita, and also because it was priced attractively, 150 euro, including 8GB mem card and 10 downloadable games.

This new bundle doesn't seem very attractive for new potential customers, if it's really priced above 200 euro and comes with 5 'ok' games, 2 of which are old PSP games...

They should have released a bundle with some games that really show the best of what Vita is and can be.

If I didn't have a Vita yet, this bundle certainly wouldn't convince me to go out and buy one.

Benjaminkno1673d ago

Wait, I don't live in Europe. What about us?

Th3o1672d ago

Title was a little misleading lol I thought no Vita at all in Europe yet for a sec:P

But just the Slim.

spankdaddi1672d ago

Great news for everyone in Europe!