PlayStation Blog Share Feedback Portal Relaunches, Now Focused on PS4 and PS Vita

As announced a couple months back, Sony Computer Entertainment finally relaunched the PlayStation Blog Share feedback portal, that was initially opened years ago to provide and discuss users’ ideas about the PS3 and the PSP. Unfortunately it had been left inactive for quite a while.

At long last it has been renewed and is now focused on PS4 and PS Vita.

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gokuking1639d ago

Idea: More games for Vita that were developed by a team larger than 10 people.

colonel1791639d ago

Hopefully this time they actually implement the ideas. Last time the ratio of ideas that they actually did was very very low.

killerluffy1231639d ago

ya watever , I aredi sold my Vita and ready to get a 3DS lite for SSB

arkaeviz1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Focus on the vita? I've been hearing this for sometime now and all we get are indies and ports, I'm not complaining but seriously they should just rephrase it "Focus on how to put many indie and ported games on vita".

I know Freedom wars, SS delta, gravity rush 2 and some titles are coming and these aren't justifiable enough especially when Sony tries to ration every games like these in a year like a drought of AAA games is plaguing my beloved vita.

Majin-vegeta1639d ago

Ability to use external HDD would be useful.cuz our HDD arent gonna last that long with all these games.