Speculation: The 6 games EA will reveal at E3

Could this be the six new games Electronic Arts will reveal at E3 2014?

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HanCilliers1641d ago

Battlefield 5 *shivers* Only game I'm excited about is Star Wars: Battlefront

Sillicur1641d ago

Star Wars: Battlefront - Drools!

DesVader1641d ago

Exciting times and yes, I am also looking forward to seeing Star Wars: Battlefront!

lord zaid1641d ago

That's the oly one we know for sure will be there. Hopefully they show gameplay.

lord zaid1641d ago

That is also a distinct possibility. Though if it does make an appearance, it will likely be in non-gameplay trailer form.

SolidGear31641d ago

True. Gotta hype Dragon Age: Inquisition first. Gonna be just a teaser.