The updated Xbox One vs PS4 buyers guide

With the recent Xbox One price drop, now's the perfect time to look at a which console -- PS$ or Xbox One -- is worth choosing, with a special South African slant.

By Pippa Tshabalala

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URNightmare1644d ago

PS4 clearly a better choice despite the recent Xbox One price drop or whatever. The Playstation 4 is just superior to the Xbox One, now even in online. The Playstation 4 future is brighter than the competition. Playstation's exclusives are some of the best out there and this gen is/will be no different.

Wikkid6661643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Since you can see the future... What are the up coming Powerball winning numbers?

LightDiego1643d ago

It's just his opinion, and that's what is happening recently. That's explains why so many people already bought the PS4.

Dirkster_Dude1643d ago

What is clear is you are not an objective source of information. You have your favorite and that is fine, but it clouds your mind to other possibilities.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1643d ago

You think/feel PS exclusives are the best... I and many others find them to be pretentious crap... but there you go.

URNightmare1643d ago

Go check last gens every year GOTY winners and nominations them come back and talk to me.

Matt6661643d ago

how about you stop being a little fanboy and realize people can buy what ever they want, I have both a Xbox One and PS4 and I enjoy both.

Bonkerz1643d ago

You sound like a robot.

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incendy351643d ago

For what it is worth, as an owner of both.. My time split between PS4 and Xbox One is:

PS4: 10%
X1: 90%

There are many factors into why this is, but the overall reason is that Xbox One is just more enjoyable to use and also does a lot more, at least at this point. The system is just so well thought out and integrated. Turn your x1 on either with voice or controller, it handles all the little stuff like turning on the TV and receiver. Search for a game, movie, person etc it just finds them. Pin all your favorite items for easy access and make it more personal. Multitasking lets you enjoy your favorite things at the same time.

The difference between the two is pretty jarring. Xbox One feels like a next generation device. PS4 feels like a lot like a PS3.

Both have great games and I get that people are buying PS4 because they believe Sony will deliver in the future similar to the PS3. It is the reason I bought one as well. But today, right now, the Xbox One is the better system.

voicingofreason1643d ago

I respect your opinion there, but I'm not altogether sure most of that bothers me hit the ps button and control for hdmi does the switching for you.

KeeseToast1643d ago

PS4 can also turn on your TV if you enable the HDMI-Input, I can use the remote from my TV to control my PS4 which is great if you watch movies.
So stop trolling it seems like you don't have a PS4.

shinrock1643d ago

I feel ya. It has become my media hub.

FriedGoat1643d ago

I wouldn't dare use it as a media hub (unless I was looking for a downgrade)

It doesn't even do DTS on the HDMI passthrough.


bleedsoe9mm1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I agree with everything you said especially that going between systems feels jarring , in allot of ways the ps4 feels very last gen as a media center .

Kakashi Hatake1643d ago

I have both as well but my X1 has been collecting dust for months after beating Dead Rising 3. PS4 keeps getting games I want to play.

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voicingofreason1643d ago

In my mind ps4 is the obvious choice. This being because my friends and favourite games are all ps games. But if your into ms exclusives then it'll probably be a no brainer for you as well

bleedsoe9mm1643d ago

Do you like XB1 exclusives or PS4 exclusives

joydestroy1643d ago

pretty much the only thing a *gamer* needs to ask themselves.

LogicStomper1643d ago

Stole the words right out of my brain!

uth111643d ago

"The Xbox One rarely runs on a full 1080p, meaning the slightly scaled back specs translate to lesser resolutions."

Is that a fair statement? I know there's a number of xb1 games that don't hit 1080p, but many do. I thought at least half the games hit 1080p, not exactly 'rarely'.

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