Jungle Rumble Review | Geekenstein

"Jungle Rumble surely has a place on the market. Despite missing the opportunity to include some catchier music and the sectioned level design hurting its pick-up-and-play mobility, its shortcomings aren’t enough to truly denounce its charm. The gameplay is fun and challenging with addictive tendencies, the structure implements new mechanics consistently, and the concept bodes well to invite new rhythm-based games to the platform. The overall simplistic art design works to support its nature showing off both colorful visual and basic, but memorable characters, such as my personal favorite, the monkey sage with a Cockney accent. Jungle Rumble is definitely worth the purchase if you’re a rhythm game fan looking to get your mobile fix. Grab some headphones and take it with you, just be sure to finish your level before you put it down." - Alex Cabral of Geekenstein

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