How to Become a Better Pitcher in MLB 14 The Show

GoodGameBro writes, "A few weeks ago, we here at GoodGameBro put togther a quick guide on how to become a better hitter in the recently released MLB 14 The Show. Our number one request after the article dropped was a flurry of users asking for a similar guide for pitching.

While hitting requires a ton of patience and skill, the same can be said for pitchers on the mound. But it can prove to be a difficult task for newcomers, especially when so many pitchers offer different strengths and weaknesses. So how do you manage these different strengths? How do you chase no-hitters and keep your opponent off the scoreboard? Wait no longer, our guide to effective pitching in MLB 14 The Show has arrived!"

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psplova1642d ago

Great tips, great article.

Ozmoses1642d ago

Yeah this is pretty much the basics of the basics. I mean mix it up, watch your pitch count/confidence.. play to strategies meaning lefty vs lefty/righty vs righty matchups..

I'm loving the show so far.. been sharing videos all over my facebook. haha probably pissing people off that don't play video games.