30 Frames Per Sigh: Choosing Glam over Game

gamrReview's Nick Pantazis: "There was an idea, a hope, really, that something big would change this generation. Sub-HD resolutions and 30-dropping-to-20 framerates would be a thing of the past. 1080p and 60 frames per second (fps) has become a sort of rallying cry for the current generation of gaming. It's the gold standard for what players expect, and for a brief six months it looked like that's what we would get. We were wrong."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1666d ago

Making too big an ado about it was the mistake of games everywhere, really.
I mean, yeah, you can compare to pc's and the ps4 and the xbone and the wii u and whatever else you like, and scoff if you want, but in the end, even with the comparisons being drawn, last generations graphical standards were not, and are still not, so horrible that they've become entirely obsolete.
PS3 games still look good. 360 games still look good. Heck, even some select wii games, like Xenoblade Chronicles and Mario Galaxy, still look good, and they aren't even in HD!

Now, the frame rate thing, I can sort of understand, but as long as it doesnt dip below 30 too long or too often, then not even that is a big issue, for the majority of cases.

We should start caring less about getting perfec realism in graphics and other such visual fluffs.
Non-realistic art styles(which are easier to hit 1080p with anyways) and gameplay should start taking priority.

herbs1665d ago

The writer is stating that games play better at higher frame rates which is 100% true and that should be the focus over higher resolutions. Unfortunately most gamers nowadays care more about graphics over gameplay especially of the Sony Microsoft variety and sadly both those companies pander to that audience which makes gaming worse for everyone. Good article even though most who read it don't seem to be able to grasp the concept judging by the comments.

AgentSmithPS41665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

With all the scalable crap these days why should people have no choice, is it that hard to have an option for "HQ 30 fps" and "ok looking 60 fps"?

When I played L4D on an old PC I'd turn the detail levels way down for a better experience in MP.

gigoran1666d ago

Wow... dude, if you want people to read you opinion piece at least try to be professional about it. "30 frames per sigh"? That really turned me off even wanting to read what you said. I tried reading it anyway and guess some things you said were interesting, but your sarcastic tone right from the start in your title made me dislike most of your article. Why write something well and spoil it by using some silly cheesy joke in the title?

Now as I did read most of it my reply is that... give it time! Man... how old is this generation? Developers are getting more and more used to making games for them every month, and there are some real gems coming out in the future. With MS and their silly scheme of using cloud computer and always online to push the power of their console a little higher and Sony said to be improving their already fast and powerful console without any cost to the user games will of course be able to take advantage of this. Who knows... MS may actually get games to run a big better. Sony already has the resolution on lock down, so most likely their power boost is going to increase the FPS in their games.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771666d ago

*sigh* i'm so freaking tired of this res and framerate bull%#&! especially the framerate stuff! jesus christ man.

herbs1665d ago

Higher resolutions make games look better, higher frames per second make games play better. The writer is simply stating that fps should be the more important of the two, unfortunately out of the big three Nintendo is the only one that really gets this. Nintendo gamers generally care more about how games play and how fun they are over how realistic the graphics look the same cant be said about the average Sony or Microsoft fanboys. Disagree if you like everything I have stated is 100% true...