Wolfenstein dev: PS4 and Xbox One are closer than PS3 and Xbox 360 ever were

MachineGames, developer of Wolfenstein: The New Order, has suggested that the power differences between the Xbox One and PS4 are being slightly overblown.


I reached out to the author to clarify his comment regarding power in his article and he states he was only referring to the architectural differences and not the differences in power between both consoles. He has edited the article to reflect that now.

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lifeisgamesok1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Real-world results prove this exactly

Some Sony gamers praise their version of multiplats like it is 100% better than the Xbox One's copy

But if game media outlets started putting out comparisons without the name of the consoles at the bottom and released it at a later date a lot of people would have egg on their face

The differences in comparisons have been under 5% and that's not in pixel counting terms... That's good ol 20/20 vision

Derekvinyard131184d ago

After last gen, I'm happy that games are starting to work from a technical standpoint, but games like BF4 with all it's problems are starting to make me nervous. I will wait till the next Bethesda game to make my personal final verdict but so far so good minus BF4 unless u guys have had problems with ur games on ps4 & Xbone

georgeenoob1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

I figured since both are 1080p 60fps.

Most talented devs already understand how to develop for X1. But for the other devs when they get familiar with X1 and put out their second coming games I expect there to be no difference in the versions.

As far as exclusives go, Ryse remains the best looking next-gen title and once Halo 5 comes out and uses DX12, it's game over until Gears of War 4.

Destrania1184d ago


Keep telling yourself that and maybe one day you'll believe it. Smh.

IRetrouk1184d ago

@ george

nobody knows exactly what dx12 is going to do for the one, for pc yes but not the one, everything else you just wrote is opinion not fact, if there is no difference between multiplat games its because they went for parity, stronger hardware is stronger hardware, there is no changing that. Just get over it, move on and enjoy your games, also what do exclusives have to do with the article?

Skips1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Wow, people REEEEAAAALLY need to read the article. The quote isn't what the article's trying to say it says. lmao

- "There was a much bigger difference in making a game for both PS3 and Xbox 360 back in the day than what it is now," he said. "The new platforms are much, much more similar to work with than what we're used to. So it is less of a challenge this time than it has been before." -


He's talking about similarity in architecture. Not power. XD Nowhere does he even mention power.

@green. "Most talented devs already understand how to develop for X1."

It's true their getting familiar, but that doesn't mean they're not learning to use the PS4's strengths as well. Which is why almost every mulitplat runs and looks better on PS4.

"As far as exclusives go, Ryse remains the best looking next-gen title"

If you're talking exclusively Xbone. Then you're absolutely right. But that linear 900p, 15fps game looks pretty mediocre compared to the likes of other platform exclusive games like Killzone SF and Infamous. Using Ryse doesn't really help Xbone when talking terms of power, especially considering it probably would've run in 1080p and not have atrocious dips in FPS below 20 on PS4. lol

MasterCornholio1184d ago


Thanks for exposing the truth and drowning the lies of fanboys.

Bubbles for helpful.

GiggMan1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

@george and whomever else. Don't believe the hype! Seriously companies always scream about the next big thing. This version is better than that version, blah blah blah is going to be a game changer and so on. It's all PR talk. They want your money.

Tell me, is there a big difference from Windows 8 and 8.1? Android 4.3 and 4.4? IOS 6 and 7? The answer is no. Software versions scale with your hardware. New hardware comes out, software follows. It doesn't necessarily make the hardware better.

Try putting the latest version of windows on an old PC. Yeah it'll work probably but it won't make that old PC better and improve performance. The same goes for DX12. My little mid range GPU probably won't see a big jump from Dx12 (if any) and I'm cool with that. I doubt the X1 will either.

Software can only do but so much. Infamous SS is technically great but it's not going to turn your black Friday special 720p Tv into the latest and greatest 1080p set from Samsung. Will it?

BadlyPackedKeebab1184d ago

I wouldn't take the fact that wolf runs the same on both. It looks like an old game running at a high res. I was really surprised how not-next-gen it is.

Malphite1184d ago

@George W. Noob: Dude stop being so defensive. Just because one game looks equal on X1 and PS4 doesn't mean that the dev team is more talented than others. If anything it's a sign that the dev didn't put much effort into making the strenghts of each console count (not surprising for a cross-gen title). Especially when the game looks average (graphically) at best.

Caffo011184d ago

Ryse best looking next-gen title? look at infamous..

Army_of_Darkness1184d ago

Just so you xbone Fannies don't get it twisted:

quote- ""There was a much bigger difference in making a game for both PS3 and Xbox 360 back in the day than what it is now," he said.

"The new platforms are much, much more similar to work with than what we're used to. So it is less of a challenge this time than it has been before."

similar System architecture, NOT Power and performance ;-)

choujij1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

He clarified his statement to show he was not talking about processing power. And after that small glimmer of hope... :P

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SCW19821184d ago

Your views and opinions are a one sided joke. No one cares about what you have to say because of your constant flip flopping.

IRetrouk1184d ago

Life you do understand he is not talking power, dont you? Its the author of the article that mentions power not the dev.

Angels37851184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

AHH yes the old Hasty Generalization fallacy.....

Because a few games do not have a disparity we get to generalize that a factual numerical difference on paper for the specs of these machines are invalid.

Lets ignore watch dogs which looks twice as good as running better on ps4 and not to mention the other plentiful examples of other disparity cases.

Heck the article even says that wolfenstein is in the "minority of titles able to achieve such a high resolution and frame rate on mocrosofts console"

Developers on consoles are NOT going to go over 1080p 60fps because its not practical...Even if the ps4 could manage to do more (which it most likely can (examples being COD ghosts getting stuttering from the frame rate EXCEEDING 60 fps) the developers wouldn't because it would cause issues with people who do not have over a 1080p would have aspect ratio issues and stuttering.

Face it. This gen 1080p 60 fps is a MAXED game.

When the game is to graphically intensive...youll see the disparity between the consoles.

When its a bit lower end (like this game) we'll see some parity. Until then here are some examples of games running better vs games running worse

Theif (graphically intensive runs better on ps4 1080p vs 900p)
battlefield 4 (900p vs 720p also graphically intensive)
Assassins creed 4 (1080p vs 720p graphically intensive)
Watch dogs (900p vs 792p graphically intensive)
Call of duty Ghosts (1080p vs 720p average intensity)

Lego Marvel (lego...)
Fifa (a sports game)
Madden (sports)
NBA 2k (sports
injustice (a last gen fighter)
this game (a halfway decent looking next gen game....nowhere in the realm of other next gen games)

Even xbox on games
dead rising 3 sub hd and fps drops that have been proven by digital foundry
RYSE....dont get me started
Forza 5 (the only real 1080p 60 fps game that looks good one xbox one
nearly no excuses on this on except that it was downgraded (also proven)

Killzone shadowfall 1080p 30 fps locked
infamous second son 1080p 30 fps locked
knack 1080p 30 fps locked
Driveclub 1080p 30 fps locked

The dev is also talking about architecture not power or ability if you read past the headline.

Plus I agree with're a joke around here man. No logic, constant hypocritical statements, acting like a ps4 fan to prove a point when we all know you are a bot.

Plus you constantly lie and create your own facts or use your own opinions as facts.

What does that say about your argument if you have to make things up or result to point of view to make your means it's weak.

Concertoine1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Do you know what 30 fps locked means? it means it is LOCKED at 30, doesnt go higher or lower. Most of those games you named as locked fluctuate between 25 fps and 45 fps (with the exception of KZ's MP which is 45-60 and Infamous which i believe got a 30 fps lock patch). We still dont know drive clubs performance with 30fps...

"What does that say about your argument if you have to make things up or result to point of view to make your means it's weak."

Maybe you should research a little before you do the exact same thing. You had a good post a-brewin' too. I mean i hate to be picky but when you say something that harsh then make the same mistake its a bit hypocritical. I should also say that a consistent or locked 30fps is more technically impressive than a game that dips and spikes all over the place, ruining the flow, just in case someone says that an unlocked framerate with higher numbers makes the game more impressive.

BG115791184d ago

@concertoine you had all the other ganes then. The frame wasn't locked because it fluctuated between 30 and 48fps.
Exemple infamous 2nd son. There was even a patch.

For the PS4 the game Lego the Movie, the game attained an higher definition than 1080p. It was the first game in next gen consooe that had to be downscaled to 1080p. Weird right?

XStation1184d ago

KNACK.... don't get me started.
Killzone SF Multiplayer is not in 1080p.
Forza > Driveclub. 30fps on a racing game, nah i'll pass.
Infamous (the best looking 1080p 30 fps game that looks good on the PS4 currently)
nearly no excuses on this, except that it was downgraded (proven).

Automatic791184d ago


Whatever helps you sleep better.

Aussiebeachbabe1184d ago

Assassin's creeed blag flag was 900p on xb1. In future get your facts right before you start writing a novel.

CernaML1184d ago

Just want to point out that Injustice isnt on the X1.

No_Limit1184d ago

All I know is this game is 1080p and 60fps on both consoles, which many thought wouldn't be possible, at least on the XB1. The first wave of games do suffer on these consoles but it is all due to the fact that developers are rushing games out to meet release deadline and the tools hasn't been optimize yet.

I expect many more games to be both 1080p and 60fps in the near future once all the developers get to know these hardware and getting the updated tool set.

Ju1184d ago

PS4 games - at least the ones I know - hardly ever dip below 30fps if at all. Locked means nothing but gives you a sync with your TV - which IMO is totally overblown because those games going beyond actually don't screen tear at all - the rest is "subjective perception" without holding any objective truth. Anyway, most of the games go beyond 30fps, not below in contrast to last gen where such games constantly dropped to 20 or even below.

metatronx1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

@XStation: are you on crack? Forza graphic is mediocre at best. Those cardboard trees lol....
Oh and ISS downgraded? I bet you don't have the game or even a PS4.

zeuanimals1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )


This game looks like a last-gen game with it's bad textures, lighting, AA, etc., so 1080p 60fps shouldn't be hard to hit.

I don't expect many 1080p 60fps games for either console since devs are going to continue to push graphics, game worlds, etc. and they can only push those things so far before performance and resolution have to be sacrificed.

Jrmy841184d ago

Just to let you know Infamous SS can be ran unlocked above 30 FPS. Its in the options, I played the entire game like that ran perfect for me no lag at all.

Ju1184d ago

Oh, ya, KZ-SF IS 1080p. It carries all (!) the information a [email protected] would carry - but the clever temporal interpolation gives you a 30fps game with a response time of a (almost) 60fps game (in MP) without actually loosing the fidelity of a [email protected] game. This idea is actually quite mind boggling. Who ever down plays this has no clue how games work.

akbennyewu1183d ago

Did your comment on Ryse "don't get me started" get omitted because it quickly disproves your statements?

I think so.

This essentially finalizes your logical fallacy of oversimplification. Omitting facts when they clash with your theory doesn't do anyone any favors, just mention that it is a linear QTE fest in which graphical prowess is rendered irrelevant in order to fool everyone into thinking it is a turd of a game, even though the same can be said for a very short open world game such as infamous, which no one plays after the first play through, much like Ryse .

Thanks for your elitist observation anyways.

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SuperBlunt1184d ago

Almost buddy but no dice! "There was a much bigger difference in making a game for both PS3 and Xbox 360 back in the day than what it is now," he said.
"The new platforms are much, much more similar to work with than what we're used to. So it is less of a challenge this time than it has been before."

Prime1571184d ago

Lifeisgames only reads the titles. His loss and our annoyance. I doubt he'll ever come back to read these comments anyway.

MysticStrummer1184d ago

The guy wasn't talking about power. Read the article.

psforward1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

@lifeisgames Too bad your vision clearly isn't 20/20.