Borderlands 2 Vita: A Statement, Not A System Seller

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''Borderland 2‘s upcoming release on the Playstation Vita has been strange to say the least. The Vita version was long rumored, with ifs and buts being thrown around for quite some time. Chatter within video game communities was pretty prominent, with most topics regarding whether or not the Vita could handle such a big game. Oddly, though, since the official announcement of Borderlands 2 for Vita, things have became a little hushed.''

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bothebo1668d ago

A pretty interesting read. I wonder if this type of view or display of the Vita's power will have any impact going into the future since we mostly get indie games. I don't think it will bring an AAA games either but it does make me wonder about the possibilities. What I would give to have a game like Dark Souls, Bioshock, or InFamous on the Vita.

AznGaara1668d ago

Despite the bugs it has I still LOVE playing Borderlands 2 on Vita. Its the ultimate premiss of what that system can do. Borderlands 2, and other rpgs really, are definitely great games to put on Vita. Cross saving helps immensely. Do the main quest on Ps3/Ps4 and do the less fun side quests while I'm on the go. It'll probably never happen and if BL2 fails in sales it won't happen but I'd like to see more 3rd party AAA games on vita, even more so exclusive AAA games.

dodgemoose1668d ago

A BioShock was originally on the cards for Vita. Never came to be though.

GribbleGrunger1668d ago

Interesting headline in light of the fact all the bundles sold out rapidly when this was released. We shall see.

GamerEuphoria1667d ago

Funny that, not seen a single store in uk stock said bundle

Qdog1668d ago

After playing this game again on the vita, it makes me wonder why bioshock or fallout aren't on the vita. It can absolutely handle these games. That plus Sony is working on code revamps and optimizations for all of it platforms now.

Nuk1667d ago

I just want a valve game so badly on the ps vita. Half life 2 or left 4 dead!