5 Reasons Why Western-Developed Games Are Boring (and How to Fix Them)

I have a GameFly account. It has served me well. It has allowed me to spend less than the price of a single AAA retail release per month to play as much as I want of practically whatever I want. And what I want usually ends up being the first four or five hours of several much larger fourteen-hour or even forty-hour experiences. That sounds like it should be a comfortable sample platter of the industry, an ADD fantasy of constantly-shifting and continually-expanding experiences. So why instead does it feel like being strung up and force fed the same meal for months or even years on end? Well, as you might have guessed from the title, I have some thoughts on that.

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yellowgerbil1671d ago

I think you got it backwards

1 terrible ps2 era graphics, even on the ps4. Yet another Dynasty Warriors for instance.
Simple fix, get better artists

2 same poor controls and overly simple controls.
RPGs for instance are still feeling like tanks to play.

3 Terrible voice work both in their native language and in their english dubbings. Again Dynasty Warriors is a prime example, containing almost exclusively cringe worthy stereotypes for the voices.

4 They can't get a groove, they westernize, yet don't understand western tastes. Lost Planet is a good example
Simple fix, get some people who can come up with good ideas and WRITE good ideas, god japanese games are cliched messes when it comes to dialogue and narrative

5 not really a reason, but even the Japanese agree with me

While here in the west we have games like Bioshock Infinite, Last of Us, and Xcom that offer great gameplay and stories

EricD1671d ago

This isn't really meant as an East vs. West thing. Both sides of the industry have a few great games and a lot of basically crap games. Both sides of the industry have some similar (frustrating) tics that are shared between smaller and larger titles. Both sides of the industry play to cultural norms that are sometimes extremely limiting.

The distinction was made in the article because there just happens to be a distinction in real life. In other words, what's ruining Japanese gaming isn't what's ruining Western gaming.

That would be a different article.

FrostyZipper1671d ago


There are some pretty irritating quirks with Eastern games, but equally some pretty shitty things about Western games. As with most things it's a case of trying to dig through the muck to find the real gems. Anyone trying to argue West>East or vice versa is making a fool's argument.

DarthZoolu1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

All and I do mean all of my favorite games since 2003 were made in the west. I'm also sure if you clocked hours played in North America and Europe eastern titles wouldn't make up 20% of those hours. Also Elder Scrolls, Fallout, GTA, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Halo, Minecraft, Boarderlands, come from the West and I would give up Resident Evil, Street Fighter and Final Fantasy, forever if I had to for Elder Scroll alone.

KonsoruMasuta1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

You can apply almost all of those to plenty of western games. Cod, for example.

4 could also apply to plenty of western games trying Japanese styles. Ever play X-blades?

If you ask me the whole industry is starting to get bland. Everyone is afraid to try something new.

Funantic11671d ago

I prefer western games so much more.

DoctorJones1671d ago

All these reasons could be applied to Eastern games. So I have to ask - Why the distinction?

EricD1671d ago

How do you devour a whale?

One bite at a time.

F4sterTh4nFTL1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Both American & Japanese games are boring, Canadian & European games are better.

KonsoruMasuta1671d ago

A lot of Canadian and European games fall victim to the same problems that a lot of American games have. It's the West as a whole that has a lot of issues.

porkChop1671d ago

I don't mean to sound biased, because I'm Canadian, but a lot of the best developers really are Canadian lol.

dillhole1671d ago

Generalising game quality by region is the most pointless thing since racial stereotyping. Seriously pointless.

TuxedoMoon1671d ago

How a game entertains a person is dependent on the gamer themselves. For example, I found FF14:ARR to be sleep inducing and dull, but several others love the game. I liked Metal Gear Rising, but others don't like it because it's not "realistic" or too over the top for them to like.

I find a lot of western games boring. Asscreed 1 and Mass effect 1 boring and Halo puts me to sleep. I haven't liked any of the new Need for Speed games ever since it turned into Burn out (and because it lacks the customization seen in their underground/carbon games). Sony All Stars was a boring game and although MK9 had an amazing story, the combat was still too stiff for me to take seriously. Hawx realism was extremely boring when compared to Ace Combat: AH. I prefer Armored Core over Mech Warrior...the list goes on. It's all about preference.

Western games focus on realism and Eastern games focus on style. If you take a Jrpg and and Wrpg and compare them, you'll see the difference very clearly. Compare Final Fantasy to The Elder Scrolls or Dragon age. Most japanese RPGs look stylish and pretty. Final fantasy characters tend to be clean and do ridiculous UNREALISTIC things that are cool. Their landscapes and monsters look fantastical too. Western RPGs tend to focus on being realistic. Characters can do cool things, but are heavily grounded in realism. They can't jump 40FT in the air or shoot beams from their sword (typically). Their characters are dirty and look like actual humans. The landscape too looks realistic and the monsters must look like they would exist in real life in some way.

Is realism bad? Not at all. The Last of Us and Tomb Raider are western games that have some style to them, but still retains it's grounded realistic feel. Developers can still be creative even when grounded in realism.

Developers, east or west, must do something that draws the player into their world. How to do this is kinda hard to explain since gamers all have preferences. They can't please everyone nor should they try. That's how we end up with crap like RE6 and Dead Space 3, cause they try to please everyone.

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