Preview – Meridian: New World is a Genre Conquering Triumph | J Station X

J Station X writes

"In Meridian: New World, I’m not just a Commander, I am a god. I shuffle my mechs and units around the board like a Vegas dealer and I micro-manage like a CEO ahead of his annual financial report. Lord Sugar eat your heart out. But I’m a rapid clicker, a quick witted leader and most importantly, I am the only hope for the continued success of the human race. Without me, human beings die out.

That is the weight that Meridian: New World, a tower defence with granite solid gameplay, places on my shoulders so while I may try (and often fail) to lead us humans forward with all of the kitten-like strength in the muscles adjacent to my neck, I’ll be damned if this game doesn’t make it the most fun-packed demise of the human race that I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing through."

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