6 Reasons Hearthstone Drives Me Crazy But Keeps Me Playing

Gaming Blend writes: "Hearthstone has become my current obsession. I've been playing the game on a near-daily basis for the past couple months and will probably continue doing so for a long time.

It's definitely a love-hate relationship, though. Hearthstone manages to regularly piss me off. Many of the things I hate about the game are also what keep me coming back for more, though."

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v_eno_m1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

it's one of the many reasons why i enjoy playing any Blizzard's game. It's a brilliant move for them to have chosen WOW to convert to a card game.

i never got into magic &/or any other type card based game because i felt overwhelmed by the rules and endless possibilities. But having played WOW, it made it easier for me to make the transition into healthstone and learning to play.

I stopped playing WOW just before WotLK's release. Having played hearthstone, it clearly reminded me that to this very day....i still hate freaking hunters =p