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Quick Summary.

97% Best MGS Game.

GM Loves
Battiling the Beauty and the beast units

The Octo Cam Suit

Stealthily sneaking around the middle east.

GM Hates
The Odd Lengthy cutscene

That It might be the last one!

91% Mind-Blowing attention to detail brought to spectular life.

97% A near perfect refinement of MG's familiar stealth and shoot mechanics

90% Its the longest of the series and there are plenty of reasons to play again.

MGS 4 Review
MGO Review

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

How sites afflicted with CNet like MetaCritic and GameRankings do NOT put all these 90%+ reviews but put in the very unprofessional review of Eurogamer.

Because you trolls even start saying MGS4 suck eurogamer was right, please try reading the reviews not the title only.

UK Official Playstation Mag - 10
PSM -10
US Official Playstation Mag -10
PSM Italy - 10
Chief (Belgium) - 9.7
Hobby Consolas - 9.6
Dutch OPM - 9.6
IGN UK - 9.9
Gamemaster - 9.7
PSM (Portugese) 9.4
Meristation - 10
GamePro - 10
Chief Belguim - 9.7
Level #26 - 10
Eurogamer - 8
Juexvideo - 9

Current Average 9.7/10

My thead > Metacritic and GameRankings

theKiller3612d ago

but i wont visit their site, i only visit those who will give it 10/10!!

its BS that GTA4 gets so many 10's and not MGS4!

LenHart3612d ago

It scored better than all MGS games except GTA4 --99% from them

TheMART3612d ago

Congrats on the first game on a 9.0 + average review exclusive on the PS3 after 1.5 years!

Yes. Not my type of game, but it deserves the attention. And I bet a lot of PS3 owners were dying to get an exclusive with such an AAA rating.

kingOVsticks3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

for only getting 1 triple AAA title all year long! and uncharted,rathet,clank and gt5 p did pretty sweet with meta critic :P

Edit: oh and btw MGS4 is the best review game for any exclusive title this gen so its better than your halo 3, and mass effect and at the time bioshock but since its now coming to the PS3 tsh yeeeeeah start saving up 4 a PS3 other wise your missing out more than im missing out :P

CViper3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

Nice try though mart... now run off and enjoy trying to control the camera in NG2.


@ Below ; The Killer

Gears of war is on the PC.

THats a multiplat, so remove that from the list.

theKiller3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

so u lost a bubble huh?
i thought u had a super account?

ps3 exclusives AAA titles

1: ratchet and clank
2: uncharted
3: MGS4
4: little big planet
5: resistance 2
6: motorstorm 2
7: white night stories
8: killzone 2
9: FF13
10:FF versus 13

360 exclusives AAA titles

1: gears of war
2: gears of war
3: gears of war
4: halo 3
5: halo 3
6: halo 3
7: halo 3
8: gears of war 2
9: gears of war 2
10:halo wars(lol)

Fishy Fingers3612d ago

While I know it was a underline dig at PS3 owners.

Im, just going to say, Yeah cheers Mart I will enjoy it thanks. You should buy a Playstation and enjoy all the games to.

Ri0tSquad3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

Who waits for a system to get an exclusive game with a 9.0+ average? 360 has 4 exclusives (well, technically 2 since the other 2 are on PC) that have a 9.0 + average and thats after 3 years. And PC has 2 of those games so it's really not exclusive.

And if the only games you own are Gears, Halo, ME, and Forza 2 then your missing out on a lot of games.

3612d ago
LenHart3612d ago Show
mistertwoturbo3612d ago

Mart, you shouldn't list multiplats for your already weak arguement. Only list Forza 2, Halo, Mass Effect, and Gears. Everything else is PS3 also so it's stupid to argue that. Although here's hoping Mass Effect ends up on the PS3 anyway.

I'm sorry, but as a 360 owner. The only thing I'm looking foward to on the 360 this year is Ninja Gaiden II, Fable 2, and Gears 2.

iHEARTboobs3612d ago

Or you can just hit ignore if you don't like what the majority of someone's posts are like.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3612d ago

1 Grand Theft Auto IV 98 Multi plat
2 BioShock 96 Multiplat and don't tell me timed exclusive it never was. PC FTW
3 Orange Box, The 96 Multiplat
4 Gears of War 94 Multiplat on PC
5 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The 94 Multiplat
6 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 94 Multiplat
7 Halo 3 94
8 Rock Band 93 Multiplat
9 Guitar Hero II 92 Multiplat
10 Mass Effect 91 Multiplat and better on PC
11 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 90 Multiplat
12 Forza Motorsport 2 90

TheMART3612d ago Show
LenHart3612d ago Show
Fishy Fingers3612d ago

Please all of you, check your zone before you comment.

bootsielon3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

Halo 3 has an 8.9 average, it is not the hogwash score 9.4 of the press, it actually takes into account the gamers' score, which is 8.5, acknowledging how overrated it is. It is not even AAA by your own definition.

In, Uncharted and Ratchet are AAA. You know what the worst part is for you? Nearly all AAA games on 360 are or will be multiplatform, or are multiplatform franchises. You mention how "GRAW1 is exclusive", but that game was available on PS2, Xbox, and what not. Who cares anymore about that game anyway? The sequel is already multiplatform, so GRAW1 is not a reason to buy it. Just like Oblivion and Bioshock ended up on PS3, so will Mass Effect, as it is EA who is in control now.

Your only AAA exclusive game left is Gears of War, and maybe Gears of War 2, not to mention that nearly all 360 AAA games will make it sooner or later to PC, while PS3 already has Uncharted, Ratchet, MGS4, and will have more during the holiday season. I am sorry for you that Halo 3 isn't. And just for the sake of pre-emptiveness, you can say "fanboys help gamestats", but there are both sides of the coin, i.e. fanboys overrating Halo and giving it tons of 10s. If that was true, Zelda would not have 9.8 in gamestats as record for best game ever by both the press AND gamers.

The fact that Halo 3 sold despite not being AAA and being overhyped bull shows you how people don't give a sh1t about your stupid definition of AAA that comes from a site that is owned by Gamespot, i.e. metacritic. People care about the games they want to play, and if it isn't shooters, they don't need a 360. After all, most JRPGs Xbox 360 got have been mediocre, so it doesn't matter if it has the most if they are not something innovative and of quality.

It is the real deal.

theKiller3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

PS3 vs X360
a battle of the century!!

cant wait to see the end of it!!


and the best comment ever i saw it today!

"Reviews have changed. ID-tagged journalists carry ID-tagged websites, use ID-tagged review scores. Illogical opinions inside their minds enhance and regulate their actions"

Closing3612d ago

Uncharted: average press review 9.1

Why do you fanboys feel the need to blatantly lie so much? Exactly what exclusive 360 games got those scores until Gears, which was released a year after the system was released?

I best not see you ever using this excuse again marty boy.

P.S. R&C got an average of 8.9, which is no slouch either.

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Blackcanary3612d ago

I said this once and i say it again.

Our story as MGS Fans and Gamers will now Explode on the the 12th of June starting from the midnight lunch till we finish and clock the game.
I hearts will start to beat as we put the Blu-Ray Disk into the PS3 griping on to the gamepad to start a trip u have never been on before once PLAYSTATION 3 appears on are TV screens are hearts start to race just from hearing the intro music you've already fullen inlove its like ur first love all over again u'll become scared u become a hero you'll fight with ur last breath u'll cry ur understand everything after the end of the ur trip the 30 hours will be most fantasic hours that ur brain and memeorys will always remember as you play new emotions will be unlocked you will understand full mineing of what Konami ment by MGS 1,2,3, and 4. Once ur trip is finished you'll remeber all the bad commenets people said about MGS4 and start to laugh you'll look to the sun set and a tear will full down ur eye because u played you became apart of a world u never thought could happend and u finished ur first epic story started started from MGS1 or for thoes who never played it before and are Playing MGS4 for the first time ur Epic story has come to an end the joy u feel is like the the first time u see that brand new car in ur drive way or opening a christmass pressent or finding out that u got that dream job u always wanted you story is a story u'll be able to retall more than once in ur life time and also in ur next life.


Salta_nelas3612d ago

Hope they put all these great reviews on Metacritic as they did with Halo 3. So far some are missing.

ISA_Scum3612d ago

Probably not. I've contacted them before for leaving out some high scores for previous Sony exclusives (Uncharted being one) and they replied saying they don't recognize those sources. One of them was Eurogamer :| Obviously, they eventually put the score up there, but not until long after the game's release.

That said, it's a CNET source, and we all know a certain CNET gaming site that gets turned off by PS3 games having too much variety...oie.

LenHart3612d ago

It scored better than other MGS games from them

GTA4 got 99/100 from them

LevDog3612d ago

"The only game to beat it score is GTA4"... As much as that makes me happy.. We all know GTA4 was highly over rated and reviewed with hype, and who could out review the other..

So does this make the game better than GTA4 since Hype and rockstar were driving Perfect scores for GTA4...

I mean he didnt say GTA4 was a better game.. he just said score was higher.. but since the Score was tainted.. Does that put MGS4 on top??

Think about that one

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