PlayStation Now PS3 Codes Actually Work on PS4; Screenshots of the New PS3 Lineup Leaked

If you just received a code for the PlayStation 3 beta of PlayStation Now but would rather try the PS4 version, you may want to try redeeming it directly on your PS4, because it will actually work, as reported on Reddit.

A few screenshots of the new PS3 lineup have also been leaked.


Update 2: apparently the information provided earlier by Sony's reps is incorrect, as multiple users are reporting further conversation with other reps saying that PS4 beta code hasn't been sent out yet, and will be in two weeks. Everyone that received a PS3 beta code and also marked "PS4" during registration will receive a PS4 code within that time frame. If you registered your code on PS4 you can still use it on PS3, as it'll still be valid.

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Mikey322301640d ago

This is nothing new... This option has been greyed out for months.

You can also put the code in on the vita. It recognizes it, but you are not able to download

matrixman921640d ago

But sony support is actually telling numerous people that it will be available to download later today off of the newly sent codes

guitarded771640d ago

Need to check my e-mail.

Curious as to why they picked such crappy games for the PS Now Beta.

Mikey322301640d ago

From the PS Blog

+ Peter Jamshidi on May 19th, 2014 at 11:56 am said:
You’ll need a new voucher code specifically to download the PS4 version of the Beta app. In addition to inviting a new bunch of Beta testers specifically into the PS4 Beta, we will also be working on getting PS4 codes to those already in the PS3 Beta.
If you are in this boat, be patient, and look for a code coming to your email inbox over the next week or so.

Soldierone1640d ago

So does this mean I can actually just go to download history and download it on PS4?

Was kinda hoping the PS4 functioned better than the PS3 with it. I can barely play more than 10 minutes.....

lashes2ashes1640d ago

Sounds like you have bad internet. I have never had a single problem with ps now when it comes to the stream.

Soldierone1640d ago

I've got 15Mbps, if that isn't good enough then this service will have LOTS of trouble with slower connections....

Plus posting on the beta forums, I'm not the only one that has this issue by far lol (but thats why its in beta)

Alex_Boro1640d ago

Pretty weak list of games. Got my ps3 code today.

isthe1640d ago

yeah I was about to comment the same. Hopefully the selection improves later on

XStation1640d ago

It's in the article smh...

TheFallenAngel1640d ago

I got a ps3 code today but it doesn't work on ps4. It just shows the beta app but can't download.

Abriael1640d ago

That's because the beta app still isn't available. They said it'll be later today with no ETA.

fenome1640d ago

Right on, when I got the code today I tried on the PS4 for sh!ts and giggles, it ended up working but I couldn't download the app :p

I had to go to my download list and que it up to my PS3. So here's to hoping I'll get to try it out on my PS4 later on after all. That'd be freakin' sweet!

KwietStorm1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

And that's what happens when you rush to make a story without actually researching. It's been that way for months. Pretty lame that I can't just transfer my current beta to PS4.

matrixman921640d ago

nobody read the article.

Sony Support is telling numerous people that it will be available later today on ps4

Abriael1640d ago

That's what happens when someone rushes to make a comment without actually reading the article :D

KwietStorm1640d ago

Yes, but we already knew that. What we're talking about is the current codes "working" on PS4.

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The story is too old to be commented.