Why are Review Scores So Important? 'Cuz Nobody Reads

We sit down and discuss why review scores have become so critical in the industry. A big reason is simply because people don’t actually want to read an entire review.

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admiralvic1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Eh, a big reason why scores are so important is because they're easy to keep track of. Most people can't keep track of who said what, but they can keep track of what score it got. It doesn't take long and like you mentioned, you can use analytical data like Metacritic to just look at averages / debate points. The other reason why scores mainly come up is that, is that the score doesn't always make sense.

One of my least favorite sites on Metacritic is Quarter to Three, due to the fact all the reviews are based off how much the person liked the game. This is also not my opinion of the site, but something the site outright ( http://www.quartertothree.c... ) admits. So based off how things are rated, games like The Darkness II can score 5/5 and games like All-Star Battle and Beyond: Two Souls are on par with Aliens: CM. Since the reviews here aren't objective (several other writers / sites also post subjective reviews), it's really hard to argue with that persons opinion.

If someone says Soul Sacrifice doesn't have enough monsters, how do you really argue with that? I can say I disagree and they can say they disagree too, but it's ultimately my opinion v their opinion and ultimately nothing is ever accomplished. This is pretty much why people don't always comment on whats said, as it's not an argument you can win (especially since a good percent of reviews are out before the game is, so it's hard to call someone out when you know nothing about it and it really doesn't matter to call someone out a week or two later when no one cares), so people attack the score as that is a battle you can win. You figure, some outlets will write a review praising the game and then some random flaw (length was a common one in Ground Zeroes) takes off an absurd amount of points.

Anyway, I can keep ranting, but thats the basic gist.

incendy351640d ago

I read them... After I look at the score :D.

CustardTrout1640d ago

If you write better people will read more