Microsoft Is Trying to Win You Over

CCC Says: "After several months of the current-gen consoles now being with us, Microsoft has again altered its strategy of how to distribute as many Xbox Ones as possible to the world at large. Last time, it was to withdraw the requirement to have the console require an always-online connection (a concept I believe should only be reserved for MMOs and similar genres), followed shortly after having the console itself work without the Kinect plugged in."

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corvusmd1646d ago know, just in case someone wasn't convinced you're a biased fanboy. "Nope, no matter what MS does they won't win ME over"

NatureOfLogic_1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

It's what MS attempted to do when they had only one successful gen is the reason they won't win me over. #NoDRM never forget

To add to that, all of the lies, 180s and bad pr.

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insomnium21645d ago


Battered wife syndrome much?

B1663r1645d ago

He could just be a honey badger and doesnt care if people think he is a fanboy or not...

tbone5671645d ago

For 8.5tb of storage, no power greater than X.

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kingdip901646d ago

And in my case, personally it is not working.

It's not a bias against microsoft I've had fun on xbox consoles in the past but I can't trust someone who says one thing is truth and does another.

I'm not investing in such an uncertain future.

Mikelarry1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

you do make a fair point, i used to think like that but i am willing to give them a chance. phil spencer this new guy seems to get it i have taken a plunge and i am now a proud owner of the xbone. sony messed up big time last gen and i gave them a chance so i could see no wrong in giving MS another go as they have reversed everything that pushed me a way from the xbox in the first place now i cant wait for e3 as both reveal all those in geoff keighley words " earth shattering announcement" :)

Naga1646d ago

To be fair, every major player still in this industry has - at some point in the past - said one thing and done another.

Naga1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

@ Kingthrash360

That's a very debatable claim. I'm not saying it's necessarily false, as I simply don't have enough evidence either way, but I find it questionable to say the least.

Can you do me a favor and provide a source for where Microsoft claimed that 1080p was the same as 720p? I hadn't heard that one.

Regarding the flip-flop on Kinect (and let's include always-online not being "like flipping a switch" while we're at it)... I think a certain measure of leeway ought to be given here. Because at the time they made all of those statements about Kinect, I really believe that they had ZERO intention of dropping Kinect. I think they had every intention of sticking to their guns... until the guns backfired in the sales department. So in order to survive, they went back on their previous claims.

Is that a lie, per se? Eh... not really, because they really intended for that to be true. Rules of market survival forced them to change their mind.

Same goes for the always-online bit. I really don't believe it was quite like flipping a switch. Making the change they did - a complete overhaul of their product's operational model - likely had them jumping through their asses.

There could certainly be other instances that aren't so easy to explain away or understand; by no means am I trying to make a complete defense. But insofar as it pertains to Microsoft's recent history, I think the context of the gymnastics event of 180's they've been conducting makes their behavior at least a little bit more understandable.

Is that fair to say?

kingdip901646d ago


No it isnt fair to say.

When a couple gets married when they make their vows as a general rule they make them with the intention to honor them and be true to one another. If one 9 them cheats they get called out on their betrayal and are rightly vilified for it.

As for the comment about how this was for survival, that's not up for debate. Microsoft said something was impossible when it was not, on account of both the always online and the kinect they said they were vital to the console, in the way my heart is vital fore to live, meaning xbox one couldn't function without them.

Whether the changes were for survival or not those comments were lies plain and simple.

Naga1645d ago

@ Kingdip90

Comparing this situation to the violation of marriage vows is, quite simply, a ridiculous exaggeration.

Furthermore, they never said that debundling the Kinect or removing the always-online requirement would be "impossible". They may have given that impression through their resistance and through insisting that each was fundamental to their intended design of the Xbox One experience... but they never said it was impossible.

They said they wouldn't do either, and they did both. Granted. However, I believe they fully intended to stick to their guns and for their statements to remain true. The fact of the matter is that marketplace pressure necessitated they change course and alter their intended vision for the Xbox One experience.

So in order to make us happy, and in turn increase sales... and really to even survive in the market... they fired the minds behind the old vision - arguably the ones driving the old policy - and changed directions.

For you to make the bold claim that they ought to be vilified for catering to the demands of gamers is utterly preposterous.

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truefan11646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Edit: In an effort to not get banned, lets just say ALL companies lie, including MSFT, sony, and Nintendo. Sony lied a ton last gen and have mislead people more than a few times this gen, MSFT has backtracked on several issues already this gen, and Nintendo is just trying to get it together.

@kingdip looking at you past comments you sure have no problem jumping in MSFT/XB1 articles bad mouthing them for lying. In that case judging by your quote "I can't trust someone who says one thing is truth and does another." You would have to be a hypocrite to even buy a console then, because all 3 lie.

kingdip901646d ago

Never even touched a ps4 and I haven't played my ps3 in over a year but nice try with all your assumptions and such.

-Foxtrot1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

What have Nintendo and Sony lied about exactly last gen which was as bad as what MS did last year

MS did more damage in the space of, let's say, 6 months starting from the reveal to it's launch then those two companies have put together since they first got into the gaming bussiness.

URNightmare1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Sony lied last gen?
Sony misled people this gen?

Dafak are you talking about?

I never thought that working for a company would make you so blind to their flaws.

You are pathetic.

UnHoly_One1645d ago

Sony outright lied when they said that the PS2 would be able to do Toy Story level graphics.

Sony outright lied about the Killzone 2 E3 presentation being gameplay when it was CG.

Sony outright lied about the resolution of Killzone 2 multiplayer.

There is one example from each of the past three console generations for you.

Not trying to start a war here, by any means, but those are all three bold faced lies meant to make their consoles look better.

What has MS done that is like that? Saying one thing, and then changing your mind is not a lie.

Always online WAS required. They changed the console so it wasn't.

Kinect WAS required. They changed the console so it wasn't.

I'm pretty sure Sony didn't change their mind after the fact and have Guerrilla Games lower the resolution of Killzone multiplayer. They lied about it.

There is a difference between lying about your product and changing your product, and people here would do well to learn the difference.

UnHoly_One1645d ago

I just noticed that I said Killzone 2 multiplayer, I meant Killzone: Shadowfall of course.

Too late to edit.

Spotie1645d ago

@Unholy: MICROSOFT lied about Toy Story graphics. Xbox fanboys twisted it over time to be Sony. Google it.

Sony also didn't lie about Killzone. The multiplayer IS 1080p. Does it have to be explained to you yet again what 1080p means?

As for Killzone 2, the end result actually looked better, so...

Not a very strong argument, there.

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No_Limit1645d ago

Isn't every company's goal is to try to win customers over?? So what is the big news here?

B1663r1645d ago

When Microsoft does it, it must be sinister.

AngelicIceDiamond1645d ago

@Bi663r That's the general vibe I'm getting.

dream21001645d ago

They already win me over and i love it thanks MS Keep up the good work.

vega2751645d ago

You and me both. Since day one with the x1. I got a ps4 but barely play it compared to the x1. But thats just me

Grimhammer001645d ago

Devil is in the details...and they always have led to MS shady, overly greedy practices.

Just remember....unless you enjoy being slapped - apologized to - slapped again...dont fall for MS.

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