Halo Is Outdated

CCC Says: "Halo is an incredible franchise that has changed the face of gaming as we know it. It acted as sort of a bridge between the old school arcade style shooters, with weapon and health pickups, and new military style shooters, with regenerating health and loadouts. It put the Xbox name on the map back when Microsoft was the odd third party console manufacturer stomping around Nintendo’s turf. It revolutionized concepts of online multiplayer, being one of the first console multiplayer shooters to actually be played primarily in an online setting. Halo was, undoubtedly, incredibly important as an artifact of video game history. But is it still important? Is Halo outdated?"

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corvusmd1674d ago

"I’m not saying that Halo needs to die or that we shouldn’t purchase Halo 5. However, I am saying that Halo isn’t the game we remember it to be."

Uh, then maybe "outdated" wasn't the word you were looking for. "Outdated" implies that it's no longer good/relevant. Perhaps you mean "Halo has evolved" or "Halo isn't the same as what made us fall in love with it" It's kinda hard to say it's "outdated" when you support that with how the game has evolved and how other somewhat similar games that are successful do the same things (and in some cases copy). If Halo is surrounded by other games that take the same approach, then wouldn't that mean ALL games are outdated?

The opinions in the article aren't bad really, I don't agree with them all, but that's ok...I'm just saying that "outdated" doesn't appear to be what was trying to be said.

lifeisgamesok1673d ago

Halo is top tier when it comes to 1st person shooters

And Halo 4 was my favorite in the series

SLUG1672d ago

i heard that halo will be a mmo game this time around to me thats a good thing

christocolus1672d ago

I agree, he must have heard wrong. I'm sure the person he was listening to was actually talking about destiny.

SLUG1672d ago

no its from 343 and ms. they say its a open world that can play about 500 players online that sounds like a mmo to me i just hope its true

SolidDuck1672d ago

SLUG I'm going to guess that your talking about destiny. It's not halo and not an mmo. It is bungie tho, and has a lot of mmo elements. Look it up it looks good. Speaking of halo tho, for me halo peaked at 2 and 3. At least multiplayer wise 2 and 3 were some of the best multiplayer ever created. Reach and 4 were just ok to me.

chrissx1672d ago

How can it be outdated when its still one of ms biggest franchise raking in millions

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The story is too old to be commented.