Destiny PS4/PS3 Digital Pre-order Hits the PlayStation Store in North America

From PSLS:

"With the PlayStation Store update today, Destiny has become available for pre-order on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. In the United States, Destiny is $59.99 on both systems, while Canadians can expect to pay $69.99 for either version."

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Wedge191666d ago

Already pre-ordered physical, but this is great for anyone going digital!

GamingSinceThe80s1666d ago

I wish people would support physical at least for new full price games.I buy older digital game's all the time.But buying $60 full price games Is just sending the wrong message to publishers that owning a game and not just the right to play it and being able to buy,sell,lend,or trade a game means nothing to us and will only kill physical games and are gaming rights off faster.imo

Sam Fisher1666d ago

Yea but then there are people like me where i and a friend pay 50/50 and dl it between us,now a days these games aren't really local friendly, while thats happening there are always ways to bend rules ( not break) you just need to find the loop hole. I agree with you the things of people's rights but do you truly believe that trading in games for a fraction of what you payed is "fair", i used to be a gamestop employee and i can say thats abuse.

GamingSinceThe80s1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Sam Fisher,I only trade games that I didn't like or beat rite away and don't see being something I will replay anytime soon.Gamestop gives a fair price for games that are only a month or two old. I got $42 back on Titanfall a full month after it's release.It's the old games that are in low demand and they have piles of that you don't as much get credit for.And that's why I keep those.Check current trade values most newer games are between $35 and $40 and is then priced at $55 used and with their 10% off rewards card will only sell for $50 only netting them a $10 to$15 profit,they do have to make money on the deal. Then They they have to pay rent ,utilitys,and,employees.Plus they are always having by 2 get 1 free sales and other deals.They are taking all the risk of getting stuck with something that mite not sell quickly or ever at higher price than their paying you.Games drop in price faster now than ever before.They used to hold a high value for years but not anymore.

koston36471666d ago

all digital baby!
1TB SSHD for a reason...

Thanks bungie! Take my money!

RedSoakedSponge1666d ago


i dont understand why they havent already!

Skate-AK1666d ago

Nice. Hopefully they can get the pre load feature working by then.

knifefight1666d ago

The digital version's gonna be huge, isn't it?
If so, then yeah, I would hope they get that rolling.

Skate-AK1665d ago

I am guessing over 50GB.