Minecraft 8K Ultra High Resolution Render Looks Stunning

"One Reddit user shared an ultra high resolution 8K render of the popular game Minecraft on the PC. It's stunning and it looks even more beautiful than the screenshots we've seen for current generation consoles."

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XiSasukeUchiha1666d ago

Oh S*it, this is Minecraft!?, this is Minecraft damn this screen looks so damn nice :)

Sethry1011666d ago

Looks kind of pixelated to me.


Sethry1011666d ago

That would explain the sarcasm sign now wouldn't it ;).

NukaCola1665d ago

Looks like 3D Dot Game Heroes from that angle.

UltimateMaster1664d ago

It looks boxy.
Which is normal because it's Minecraft.

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Milesprowers1666d ago

Waiting for 8k monitors to exist

XxExacutionerxX1666d ago ShowReplies(5)
Detoxx1666d ago

"looks even more beautiful then the screenshots we've seen for current-generation consoles".

Implying current-gen console Minecraft even comes closes to this..

WickedLester1666d ago

I will never...ever....E V A R understand the appeal of Minecraft! To me it is boring as fuck and the graphics are like salt in my eyes!

oxybulle1666d ago

Same here but good for the people who likes it.

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