Mysterious PS4 Horror Game Kodoku Puts Up Kickstarter For Comic Book Story

NoobFeed writes: "Mysterious horror game Kodoku is looking to append its story, which bears few details already, with a comic book series detailing its origins. It currently has a Kickstarter project with a low goal of just £3,500."

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XiSasukeUchiha1671d ago

Cool idea, concept is innovative, fund this beauty!

AaronPS1671d ago

Agreed, it's not often I come across something like this let alone on consoles. So it is a welcome investment. Backed!

isthe1671d ago

so mysterious. Seriously though this has peaked my interest

F4sterTh4nFTL1671d ago

Sounds like we will need to do lots of Math in this, oh no the horror.

VsAssassin1671d ago

The moment I saw the very first promotional image of this game, I thought I knew the devs' inspiration for this game. Turned out, subconsciously, I was thinking Spirited Away. This is a good sign. Consider me very interested!