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One of the essential games for owners of a Wii U is now available. Meets expectations?

The eighth installment in the Mario Kart series has received outstanding ratings really, and no negative. Better yet, we have not seen a single complaint that deserves its low rating, but rather mere observations.

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Jyndal1671d ago

It amazes me that people still play this series.

Blackleg-sanji1671d ago

it amazes me that someone could hate on this series

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Mr Marvel1671d ago

It amazes me that you're amazed that people still play this series.

Abromb1671d ago

I'm with Sanji on this. I honestly believe that one has no soul if they don't find enjoyment in Mario Kart.

Blackleg-sanji1671d ago

bubble up to you!!! who doesn't enjoy throwing the dreadful blue shell at someone and snickering afterwards

randomass1711670d ago

Well, I guess that means my soul is still very much intact. :P

3-4-51671d ago

Jyndal appears to have an Anti-Fun fetish.

randomass1711670d ago

It amazes you people still like fun? o.O

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Multiplatguy1671d ago

Tempted to get a Wii U just for this. This sounds really stupid but all the bright colours on the Wii U does wonders for me.

Blackleg-sanji1671d ago

get one its a great system goes great along a ps4/x1/pc or all of them if you can afford it

Abromb1671d ago

Now's the time man... Especially with the Mario Kart Bunduru they have going on. While my heart truly lies with Nintendo, it makes a nice companion to my PS4.

No_Limit1671d ago

I think the bundle is a great deal. It has the game, a voucher to download another retail game like Windwaker HD and comes with a wiimote and race wheel. I would get that too but I already got a Wii U already.

GamingSinceThe80s1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Every copy of MK8 has the free game download,not just the bundle.The big N has us all covered this time around.That said the bundle is a great deal also!

randomass1711670d ago

This game is my reason for getting a Wii U ASAP. Smash will be my next reason, as well as all the first party stuff that came out earlier this year and last.

darkstar181671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

yet another amazing review lol game of the month, easy, maybe even GOTY ;)

Blackleg-sanji1671d ago

media wouldn't allow it but i agree it needs to be on the list

LOL_WUT1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Mario Kart 8 for GOTY? I honestly hope you're not serious... ;)

GamingSinceThe80s1671d ago

Just as long as The Last Of Us can't be nominated again because of it's rerelease on Because that game was mind blowing maybe the best I or will ever play.Everyone who considers them selfs a gamer needs to play TLOU!Oh and MK8!

wonderfulmonkeyman1671d ago

Arguably the only real negative of the game, is their decision to use the tracks for barker mode instead of arenas. Other than that, it's practically diamond-standard.

LOL_WUT1671d ago

Not to mention any sort of real in game voice chat people shouldn't have to ask for it as it should be a standard by now. ;)

randomass1711671d ago

I don't see how the lack of voice chat should impact anyone's opinion of the game that significantly. If there was co-op or teamplay in the game I could understand, but it doesn't have any reason for anyone to communicate other than to smack talk. Sounds like a nitpick if you ask me.

Vegamyster1671d ago

KZ: Shadow Fall didn't include it at launch, people had to ask for it.


wonderfulmonkeyman1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Please disregard thIs accidental double post...

randomass1711670d ago

Don't worry, it will be disregarded lol. How are you today? :P

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