The Misadventures Of Trying To Play 'Wolfenstein: The New Order' Via PS4 Digital Download

By Paul Tassi: "Like so many others today, I wanted to check out Wolfenstein: The New Order as the game has received surprisingly good reviews and I’ve been looking for a reason to use my next generation consoles for well over a month now since Titanfall/Infamous were released."

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DanielGearSolid1672d ago

Isn't every game different with play as you download?

Just because Wolfstein won't let you play anything even after 8gbs are downloaded, doesn't mean ever game is like that. Play as you download is a great feature

GribbleGrunger1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Yes, they're all different and need to be designed with it in mind. For instance, Infamous Second Son had a linear beginning so that you could play whilst it was loading the open world in the background. By the time it was fully installed, the whole world was available.

incendy351672d ago

I had an even worse experience with MLB The Show.. Hopefully they fix it. Seems like they are going downhill, Second Son install went really smooth.

MilkMan1672d ago

Yup Digital is in its infancy and needs to be addressed in a MAJOR way. Whats the point of it all if its such a pain to get ti going. I'm in the exact same boat as this author. I cant even count how many times I've left the downloads running in the background for like 17 hours. I come back and its 1% done because somewhere along the line it failed and PS4 didn't want to reconnect.

Horrible, horrible, horrible system.
One of the biggest selling points was that you could download and play was you downloaded, but the PS4 is unstable, at best in this category.

Deadpoolio1672d ago

That is your garbage connection dude IF you even actually own a PS4....Someone needs to learn how to get off the garbage wireless with a garbage connection and how to actually set up ports also...There is no possible way that after 17hrs you were at 1%....

Protip: With wireless ANYTHING hardwired gets the bandwidth it requires before it even considers sending out the signal to wireless adapters

MilkMan1671d ago

Thats quite a general statement you made there.
I know about wireless, I know about hardwired and all that jazz.

I choose to not hardwire my PS4, yes, it would be done a hell of a lot faster I realize that, however, protocols should be in the hardware/software for dropped downloads to reengage. I shouldn't have to baby sit it. This is well documented ALL OVER THE WEB...Google it up you'll see it.

As a matter of update, it took me 2 days to fully download, wirelessly, however the initial download necessary to fully play was 19gigs. At this point I was able to play quite a lot of the game while it was still downloading.

Same as Second Son.

As I said before when all of this kinks are worked out. This will work rather well. Price should also come down significantly. But as of right now, it needs LOTS of work and massaging and to be honest regulations.

Consider it the wild west and we are the pioneers.

UnHoly_One1672d ago

I really hate how the downloads list only shows the portion of the game required to start playing. That is the stupidest idea I've ever heard.

There is no excuse for not showing the entire game's size in that list, and just notifying you when it is ready to launch.

That is how XB1 does it. The progress bar and percentage represent the entire game, INCLUDING PATCHES, then you get a notification when it is ready to launch.

Neither system is perfect by any means, but the PS4's method of "hiding" the progress of the game download really bugs me.

Jsoc1672d ago

All you have to do is hi-lite the game and press the options button and go to info and it will show you what u have left to download ...

saint_seya1672d ago

This is to hard for some minds.. I suppouse you are scientist.. how did you figure that out?
The rest of the people like unholy couldnt, maybe he should own a ps4 or at least check things before talking nonsense.. Then again, im asking to much..

UnHoly_One1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

That's all fine and good, but shouldn't my remaining 40 GB that I am DOWNLOADING be in the DOWNLOADS list??

It makes no sense to me at all. I want to see what it is being downloaded, so I go to a specific list that contains all downloads, and it isn't there anymore because it is partially done. That seems dumb to me.

The fact that there is a way to go find it somewhere else isn't my point. All I said is that it isn't where it seems like it should be, and makes the experience unnecessarily confusing. The author of the article said the same thing.

mugcostanza1672d ago

I was playing after 4 gigs was done.

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