Lost Wii Game Sadness To Be Revived As Wii U Exclusive

When assessing the whole saga today, it was a messy affair. The title's development and publication passed through multiple hands, was teased on more than one occasion, while screens that did emerge did so through leaks and mis-communication. Much was written and debated over a game that, in reality, barely existed in a tangible form — we know it was real, was in development, but that it faded and died when the Nibris closed its doors, all rumours of a pick-up by another studio falling flat.
Now, however it is coming back.

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MrSwankSinatra1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I remember pretty vividly people believing this was a hoax. If it is really coming back then that's pretty cool, though i wouldn't give my hopes up until we actually see it in some playable form.

mikel10151642d ago

Interesting choice of words lol, but yeah it would be awesome to see this game get revived fully.

Concertoine1642d ago

Anyone remember Winter?
Another awesome looking wii game that bit the dust. Looked terrifying.

GamingSinceThe80s1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

"Winter is coming"lol I have Never hear of it.I will have to look into this winter you speak of.Ok I just googled it man suck's they couldn't get anyone to back them.Sound's like a winner to me too.

randomass1711641d ago

Let's hope that one comes back as well. Such neat concepts should be allowed to see the light of day.

Concertoine1642d ago

Im disappointed to see this shifting to 2D. Im not saying that 2D games are worse, but there is a seriously over crowded 2D platformer genre on wii u, hell that's the only genre that is overcrowded. I would hate to see the game blend in with all the others, and i cant help but envision it in 3D.

randomass1711641d ago

If they're clever about it they can still make it a very scary game. Make sure the camera is nice and close to the player. Limited vision can be used to keep the atmosphere tense for the player.

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The story is too old to be commented.