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Adam Cook: "As the credits rolled and the closing song played out, I felt privileged to have experienced Transistor. It’s only when I sat down to write this, however, that I realised I couldn’t find any real faults. It may not be the longest experience, but it is worthy of absolutely anyone’s time. Supergiant have delivered, and proved that if you really care about something, it will show when it is played.

It may be slightly too complex in parts for the more casual gamers out there, but it’s full of clever ideas, and every area has had attention lavished upon it. Transistor is comfortably one of the best games of 2014 so far, and Supergiant deserve the plaudits yet again for a job well done."

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Skate-AK1665d ago

Another great review. Still hope to play Bastion.

SoulSercher6201665d ago

Will be getting this towards the end of the week. This looks too good to pass up.