'Child of Light' Hitting the Vita on the 2nd of July, First Screenshots Revealed

Publisher Ubisoft has just announced that its recently-released turn-based role-playing-game set in the magical world of Lemuria, Child of Light, will be digitally released on the PlayStation Vita, on the 2nd of July, being priced at £11.99.

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Mr-Dude1340d ago

I wonder if it will be cross-buy then... already bought it for the ps4

Kurisu1340d ago

I imagine so, it's cross buy PS3 / PS4 so I don't see why Vita wouldn't be included.

ipach1340d ago

nice! it remote plays nicely, but a native experience would be ideal, especially while traveling. also give me a good excuse to put CoL down to fire up transistor tonight!

Army_of_Darkness1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )


Why would you even need an excuse to put COL down in the first place?? It's too awesome to not play! Best rpg since ni no kuni

Eonjay1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Note sure but a retail version has also been announced.

I also want cross save....

randomass1711340d ago

It's a digital release. I'll be surprised if it isn't cross-buy.

3-4-51340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

The Problem I have with Child of Light is this:

* In every trailer or preview, it never actually shows me WHAT I WILL BE DOING IN GAME.

* I don't about some BS trailer, I want IN GAME FOOTAGE.

* When I look up & watch gameplay videos, it's almost nothing like what the trailer shows me.

Why is this ?

I didn't even know you could do anything besides stand still & float around until I watched a gameplay video.

Who does these trailers for these gaming companies and why do they show so little, if any gameplay.

It's not just this game, I should point out, that the large majority of games are like this, but some literally tell you nothing about the game.

That being said, I hope this game does very well.

hellothere19771340d ago

Those trailers are made to express what the creator wanted to point out about the game. They show the part of the game that THEY feel will impart a lasting impression on a viewer to get them interested in the product. Once someone gets interested in the product, they can then go search with the internet to find out everything they want to know.

Honestly, if you wanted to see what the game play is all about, it's not that difficult to type "YouTube" and then "child of light game play".

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Yodagamer1340d ago

Sounds good i was gonna buy it on wii u, but 2d games look amazing on the original vita model.

Metallox1340d ago

Good, this game deserves to be everywhere.

randomass1711340d ago

Indeed. The game deserves more exposure and the Vita deserves better games.

1340d ago
DualWielding1340d ago

good thing i haven't bought it yet, if the port is good this is the version I'm getting. Rayman was much better on Vita due to OLED and this is the same engine

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The story is too old to be commented.