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Submitted by Time Lord 2814d ago | review

Jeuxvideo reviews MGS4

Google translation

For its final (?) Baroud honour, Snake through the world as a ghost bruised, tired but more than ever willing to battle with his demons. Not free from defects (technical and scénaristiques), MGS 4 leaves sometimes smacks of disappointment in his mouth to us again beset by intoxicating scents. Finally, this opus should find as many hardcore fans as detractors MGS 2, but still needed as the missing link of an ambitious saga. Plaisant and surprising, Guns of The Patriots is also a charmer Cobra and managed to hypnotize us enough with its findings gameplay and history moving so we do not stop its few flaws.

18/20 (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 8.5/10

heyheyhey  +   2814d ago
this is old
BulletToothtony  +   2814d ago
i don't understand how some people say that mgs4 have the best graphics
and then some weirdos come and say they're just ok.. i mean i do understand that is a matter of opinion but sometimes i wonder if people review the game in an sdtv.. cause in my tv the game looks incredibly real.

Now gameplay, i think that if they had not played the previews game they shouldn't bother to review the game.. they don't know what's going on and therefore don't like the game.

If i had not played mgs series b4 i'll tell you right now, the game would be extremely weird to play for the first time.. i probably wouldn't like it as much, because i wouldn't be used to the stealthiness, and sense of humor of the series..
LenHart  +   2814d ago
Halo 3 got the same score as MGS4 , Gta4 got 18/20 . MGS3 also got the same score as MGS4


18/20 --------GTA4

However jeux-video is not a listed source at Gamerankings
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Keowrath  +   2814d ago
From your last paragraph you missed out love/respect for the characters. The last one (MGS3) especially, seeing what Snake (naked) endures, from being thrown off the bridge by The Boss and the following nuclear blast, to the loss of his eye to the grand finale with The Boss in the field of flowers and his following commendation. Only from following the series so closely like I have do I feel so drawn to the incredible characters in the MGS world.

Jumping into MGS4 as your first game is not going to have nearly the same impact as if you've been through it all with both Snakes and Raiden. Incredible series. Thankyou Kojima.
chaosatom333  +   2814d ago
There are sadly still heavily biased opinions in the industry.
REVIEWERS don't play the game anymore, they just try to finish as quickly as possible and skip cut scenes.

I am abandoning reading reviews. They say all the good things about it and when it comes to scoring, it's random.
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theKiller  +   2814d ago
lame try to get hits
i will just pretend i never saw their review or even their site
BattleAxe  +   2814d ago
9/10 is a good review, but Eurogamer giving it an 8/10 is rediculous. I really liked GTA4, but it was not a 10/10 game, but all of the reviewers didn't hesitate to give a 10/10, like it was the "cool" thing to do.

I played a bit of HALO 3 which got plenty of 10/10 reviews and yet I found myself saying "whats the big deal?, this game isn't that good, It might be a good game, but not 10/10.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   2814d ago
17/20 not 18/20
CrazzyMan  +   2814d ago
All i know, the MGS4 is perfect 10 for MGS fans
and probably is NOT perfect for other gamers, who are not in MGS world.
But having in mind, that there are around 3-4 mln. people, which are MGS fans and will buy the game and only maybe 1 mln. people who are not MGS fans, the game deserves 10/10, because the game will be played mostly by MGS fans and that game brings everything what MGS fans wanted. =)
Giving 10 to GTA4/Halo3 and giving less then 10 to MGS4 - BIAS.
LevDog  +   2814d ago
Im confused.. Everyone is saying its perfect but give it the closest thing to 10 but not 10..

GTA4 gets 10s and its not even close to perfect.. Graphics dont touch that of MGS4...

Doesnt make sense
damrightfresh  +   2814d ago
it should be scored higher..gta is a wasted money...Its fun to play but after awhile its so boring
crimsonfox  +   2814d ago
this metascore
is beginning to irritate the funk out of me.

games that truly deserve ten's all across the god darn(haha) boards do get it why because not everyone's getting a limited edition. please -_-

this is gonna be there forever i hope when these stupid reviewers look back at this they slap there selves.

i cant stress enough...people are stupid.
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The Wood  +   2814d ago
metascore is tainted
too many dodgy sites contribute to the score and the majority of those are American sites. I've got no problem with America or Americans its just this east/west divide is more deep seeded than some care to acknowledge. Its almost like some misplaced form of patriotism. Its too easy for people who control or work with big media conglomerates (hint hint) to manipulate metacritics scores. Did anybody ask us, the gamers which sites we deem honest or reputable? Reminds me of that james bond film with the media mogul. Control the media, control the masses. This goes both ways though, don't get me wrong.

edit@Fishy Fingers

agreed. I stopped caring about meta when i read the breakdown of sites that it took scores from. back to for my reviews as they seem to have an uncanny knack of knowing what 'I' like.
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Fishy Fingers  +   2814d ago
It only irritates you if you care about it.

Shed the load bro.
crimsonfox  +   2814d ago
you know FISHYGUY
i mean i don't care imma get this game and cry anyways...

it's just frustrating to see a game that is now being made fun of by people who gave it 10's get rated higher...

at a point gta was gonna be the "best game ever" thats ridiculous don't get me wrong imma play that game when ever i can but after i get mgs4 im sure imma pass on gta for a while that game is good but there's way better games out there(mgs4) and i know it's gonna have better everything i just hate how out of hand things have became i mean who ever heard about gaming politics..

it breaks my heart in so many ways...
BulletToothtony  +   2814d ago

here fishy fishy fishy fishy...

deuce bigolo rocks
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crimsonfox  +   2814d ago
haha i wasnt even think that
but yeah fishy fishy fishy haha

what the funk
Varsarus  +   2814d ago
18/20 is still top notch.

MGS4 will blow you away :)
LenHart  +   2814d ago
It got same score that MGS3 .................Halo 3 also got the same score from them

17/20 for Halo 3

MGS3 got 8.6 from them too
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The Wood  +   2814d ago
the problem is games that dont deserve 10's have received them
10 should never be throw around like some have been so 9 is ok in that respect. I couldnt care less what it gets as long as i enjoy it. Ratings have become something used as fodder against the enemy. We are paying way too much attention to other peoples views. Some people will not like this game and thats fair enough. I hate madden and fifa doesnt mean i don't respect what they have achieved or done for the industry. eurogamers review was a joke though. Seems like thes reviewers are just members of n4g or at least behave like them. MGS4 cant come soon enough, enjoy people.
LenHart  +   2814d ago
Jeux-video gave GTA4 a 9/10 (18/20)
MGS3 and HALO3 got the same score as MGS4
Keowrath  +   2814d ago
"I couldnt care less what it gets as long as i enjoy it"

That's all that needs to be said mate, I don't really give a damn what other people think of the game, being a huge fan of the series (Probably my favourite game/s of all time) from following what's been shown to us so far in movies and taking part in the Beta of MGO. I know this game will be epic in many different ways.

I admit it is nice to see some places say it's one of the best games ever but I'll make my own decision at the end of the day.

And you're right, it can't come soon enough! =)
sephy 9 2 5  +   2814d ago
What's the translation for the final wording
Note Lecteurs

Second opinion or something...?
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LenHart  +   2814d ago
thats user rating
MGS4 got the same score as HALO 3/MGS3 from Jeux-Video.

GTA4 got 18/20 from them
Fishy Fingers  +   2814d ago
This is one battle even the French didn't shy away from ;)
mistertwoturbo  +   2814d ago
lol poor french guys. The only things they aren't afraid of is taking over helpless third world countries.
Pornlord  +   2814d ago
Hillarious!!! Bubbles :D
SL1M DADDY  +   2814d ago
The game, despite the reviews...
Will be a perfect 10 for the fans. It's a MGS thing, and those who do not play them would not understand.
Angelitos  +   2814d ago
This site failed. This game is a 10.
IronAva  +   2814d ago
The real problem is the people getting upset over someone else's opinion. Does it make a difference if MGS4 got a 9.9 or a 10. I do not care what type of score a reviewer gives a game, if I want it I'm going to buy it. Reviews have been around for a long time and I have never used a review to decied if I should buy a game or not. Am I looking foward to MGS4... Yes. Is it the be all end all game... No If that were the case than why am I even playing videogames to began with. This is a great week for games on one hand I have NG2 for my 360 and to follow that up I have MGS4 for my PS3. I play games not systems and I hope others can do the same.
mistertwoturbo  +   2814d ago
No, that's not the real problem. The real problem is that games like Halo 3 gets 10/10's every corner of the earth when it obviously has sub-par graphics, same old gameplay, unoriginal storyline, and a massive deep ending that doesn't end but sets you up for Halo 4 anyway.

If MGS4 was a 360 exclusive, bet your shiniest f*ckin penny it'll get 10/10s everywhere. Or let me re-phrase, if MGS4 was MARKETED by microsoft. Which means free MGS4 swag for all the reviewers.
IronAva  +   2814d ago
I could care less about the review score of Halo 3 , GTA 4 or even God of War 1 & 2 all I care about is having a good time with the game I bought for my system. When ever a game does not get a score someone expects it to, it drives people mad. I do not care how much swag microsoft sends to gaming sites, all I care about is getting the game in my hands. I love MGS games an again I am looking forward to MGS4 but until I have the game in my hands and have played it "for myself", it is not the best thing since sliced bread. (not saying that it won't be for the year or so I'll be playing it but i hope you get the picture.)
leeger  +   2814d ago
MGS4 is one of those games that I really don't care much if it gets a 1/10 or -100/10. I will still buy it and pretty sure will love and enjoy it.
Fishy Fingers  +   2814d ago
Exactly, all the scores/hate/love in the world will not change what's in the box.

Gaming is NOT about score's or getting one up on the "opposition". Well at least not to me.

YOU play it and YOU enjoy it bro, and I'll be right with you all the way.
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Will-UK  +   2814d ago
A 9 good score
Fishy Fingers  +   2814d ago
9 is good... but who's keeping score's anyway ;)
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LenHart  +   2814d ago
yea same score as GTA4/MGS3 from Jeux-video
from that website

so acceptable score
Will-UK  +   2814d ago
a 9 is still good hope for more 10s
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Fishy Fingers  +   2814d ago
#14.4 (Edited 2814d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Will-UK  +   2814d ago
i jus realized a split second after i posted
mistertwoturbo  +   2814d ago
I can withstand the 9/10's. It's those stupid 8/10's that gets me. (Looks at Eurogamer)
testerg35  +   2814d ago
You guys are complaining too much about GTA4 not deserving a 10. Users haven't even played MGS4 and you're complaining that it should receive 10s instead of the great scores its already getting.
Expy  +   2814d ago
Nothing deserves a 10, GTA IV is no exception. The reason why everyone's up in flames is because people gave GTA IV a 10, which it clearly didn't deserve under normal circumstances. Of course the hype machine and the $$$ machine went rolling out.
#16.1 (Edited 2814d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
CrazzyMan  +   2814d ago
It`s just plain WRONG.
When games like GTA4/Halo 3 get 10 and MGS4 get less then 10, it`s just plain WRONG.
More over, MANY people were dissapointed with GTA4/Halo3, while i am more then sure, MOST MGS fans will be SATISFIED with MGS4, since the game was made especially for MGS fans.

It`s about double standarts, neither GTA4/Halo 3 are perfect, but having perfect score, where MGS4 is not, this kinda WRONG.

Anyway, SALES will OWN reviewers.
PSWe60  +   2814d ago
I'm buying this fukcing game
Fishy Fingers  +   2814d ago
I urge you to reconsider and look at MGS one more time.

I hear only bad things about this "fukcing game".
9331  +   2814d ago
MGS4 + PS3 is mine on June 12

I mean let’s face it....with bluray + free online + the game + 10 year machine + solid hardware its really a one sexy machine
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Ariexv  +   2814d ago
Wow it's amazing how some people can't manage to do simple math, 17/20=8.5/10 not 9/10.
RAF-TECH  +   2814d ago
Hey yo Sony owners
gimmie a run down of the PS3.

I'mma buy one... just gotta work for two weeks.. maybe three..

besides MGS4... what game should i get?
DarkSniper  +   2814d ago
You should purchase the top AAA exclusives such as Heavenly Sword, Haze, Uncharted and several more. The vast lineup of quality games on PLAYSTATION®3 extends beyond this response. Dark Sniper suggests that you trade any multiplatform games that you have for the 360 in favor for the PS3. You will get a far more superior experience by doing so.

Dark Sniper would like to personally congratulate Raf-Tech on being the next member of N4G to jump out and PLAY B3YOND.

RAF-TECH  +   2814d ago
But I aint jumping out.
I'll be enjoying Both.

Gears 2 is on the way with Too human.
And I aint down with HS. I played it and it was straight whack.
I liked WarHawk so i guess i'll be pickin that up.
But LBP for sure nigga
DarkSniper  +   2814d ago
Since Dark Sniper is of the same decent that you are(or at least assuming so), he understands where's you're coming from on your last statement fasho.

kalistyles  +   2814d ago
Definitely get Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Call of Duty 4, Warhawk, Gran Tourismo Prologue, and obviously Metal Gear Solid 4. There are many others but I don't know your preference.
Surfman  +   2814d ago
i speak french i go sometime on and i can tell you that that website is pretty hard on the reviews. They like RPGs and Diablo-like games.
juuken  +   2814d ago
A 9/10 is still excellent but seriously...GTA4 was hyped way too much. I haven't even touched that game in a while. >.>
pimpstation  +   2814d ago
I don't know what the hell is going on over there in Europe. Looks like I might have to take a trip over there and serve up some beatings. Europeans, what's going on? I guess its up to the good ol' US of A to save France and England once again, except this time from bad game reviews.
jackdoe  +   2814d ago
Weird translation but good score.
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