Sony London, nDreams to Speak on VR at 2014 Develop Conference

VRFocus - Two virtual reality (VR) figureheads are set to speak at the upcoming Develop Conference 2014 on 8th – 10th July in Brighton. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) London Studio director David Ranyard and nDreams CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh are both set to offer talks at this year’s show. The former worked on SCE’s The Deep tech demo for the Project Morpheus PlayStation 4 VR headset whilst the latter is now developing VR exclusive content for the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus.

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raymantalk11667d ago

i really hope this is awsome as i have always wanted to experience VR

Sevir1667d ago

I'm prayingthat Morpheus is ignored this E3, and they focus on PS4 exclusives, services like PS Now and new Partnerships

DigitalRaptor1666d ago

They will most likely mention it, but I doubt they'll dwell on it.

Maybe an announcement of some first-party devs working on it. But i don't think we'll get a demo of it or anything like that, cause how do you demo something that is meant to be a first-person experience?

That might be a tough challenge, but I think that will be one for next year.

mixelon1667d ago

Wait.. The 2 big ps:home devs are talking about Morpheus? I hadnt realised they were the teams making the VR demos..

VR PS:Home would be interesting. :)