Monday Mysteries: Whatever Happened to James McCloud?

What if Star Fox and F-Zero have more in common than simply being two beloved franchises that Nintendo has neglected in recent years?

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Djkmilo1672d ago

Also Metal clash Mech is call the Blue Falcon...could be some history in there too =)

DoggyBiscuit1672d ago

Hopefully Nintendo announce a new Star Fox for the Wii U that game would be awesome to play online

wonderfulmonkeyman1672d ago

What happened to him?
Andross killed him in a trap set by the treacherous traitor and former team Star Fox member, Pigma Dengar.

randomass1711672d ago

Pfft, he's still alive you dummy. Remember the end of Star Fox 64? He's TOTALLY ALIVE, dang it!

...I like James McCloud.