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Submitted by ctsugg 632d ago | opinion piece

Monday Mysteries: Whatever Happened to James McCloud?

What if Star Fox and F-Zero have more in common than simply being two beloved franchises that Nintendo has neglected in recent years? (3DS, F-Zero, GameCube, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Retro, Star Fox, Wii, Wii U)

Djkmilo  +   632d ago
Also Metal clash Mech is call the Blue Falcon...could be some history in there too =)
DoggyBiscuit  +   632d ago
Hopefully Nintendo announce a new Star Fox for the Wii U that game would be awesome to play online
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   632d ago
What happened to him?
Andross killed him in a trap set by the treacherous traitor and former team Star Fox member, Pigma Dengar.
randomass171  +   631d ago
Pfft, he's still alive you dummy. Remember the end of Star Fox 64? He's TOTALLY ALIVE, dang it!

...I like James McCloud.

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