Chuck E. Cheese's To Use Oculus Rift In Its Entertainment Centers

GG3 writes: "So, fast food chain and entertainment center Chuck E. Cheese’s has adopted Oculus Rift technology and is looking to put it into its franchise. Its first foray with the virtual reality device will be called Virtual Ticket Blaster Experience.”

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Rockefellow1669d ago

Fast food chain? Here in Michigan, they make pizzas and stuff, but you can't really just run in and grab food or anything. It takes a while for food to be made, really. And the fact that you can't come in unless you have a child or are part of a registered group kind of kills the aspect of getting food there, doesn't it?

Daavpuke1669d ago

As much as I'm up for the semantics of your valid point, the franchise does fall under the "fast food" category, much like places like Pizza Hut and such that don't necessarily need to also offer takeaway:

Fun fact: It was created by Atari's Nolan Bushnell.

That kid thing though; it's totally weird from an outsider standpoint, true. I mean, it makes sense, I guess.

Rockefellow1667d ago

Fair enough. I didn't mean for that to come off was criticism-- just wondering aloud. I wouldn't have doubted if Chuck E. Cheeses of far-away states had drive-through Windows or food counters to order from.

I always get a kick out of the Nolan Bushnell origins of the franchise. It's something you hear every now and then, completely forget about, and are still surprised to hear it when someone mentions it. It makes sense, really. The guy was an entrepreneur of digital entertainment, and he knew what he was doing... For a while, at least.