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ArabicGamers writes:

Hearthstone will suck you in. You'll go to bed with its music pleasantly serenading you to sleep. You'll go to work thinking about the new custom deck you've just built, and whether you've included enough heavy-hitters to finish a match off. You'll forget to pick the kids up from school because "just one more game" turned into a marathon run in the Arena. To be honest, writing this review is going to be difficult because I'm constantly thinking of playing Hearthstone.

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ninjahunter1641d ago

Eh, Idk, its a good time killer, but it feels like a lot of matches are predefined as to who the winner will be. Either you have complete control, they have complete control, or it boils down to a top decking race. Never feels like a real battle of wits.

pierce1641d ago

Really? I've had plenty of games where I'm on top and have my opponent down to less than 10 health, before they manage to come back and defeat me. I would say that's down to me being terrible but I've been able to make some unlikely comebacks too!

ninjahunter1641d ago

Indeed, beware priests, or the triple ragnaros play. they are the kings of "I think i have them". Maybe its because I play paladin most, where its more about controlling the board, but it seems like there are a lot of situations where players can kill creatures faster than i can play them. im looking at you rogues/mages.