Far Cry 4 Story Details Leaked

OnlySP: Some new details on Far Cry 4's story were accidentally posted by Ubisoft earlier today.

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Plagasx1435d ago

Really cant wait for this game. Fc3 was one of my favorite games of 2012.

PockyKing1435d ago

This seems a lot like a "somewhat" continuation of Far Cry 2 with the civil war theme going on. I wonder how much choice will be involved in the game. Ugh, I wanna know more!

Anthotis1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

FC3 was excellent, with only minor issues that will hopefully be sorted for FC4.

Judging by the names of the protagonist and antagonist, both of them will be South East Asian, so sensitive PC peeps got their panties in a bunch over nothing.

King_of_Nothing1435d ago

They'll find something else to sob over, I'm sure.

shivvy241435d ago

the protagonists name kinda sounds indian/nepal,, since its in the mountains im guessing the protagonist is from nepal

Phene1435d ago

I knew a guy named Ajay ...he was Hindu

renerak1435d ago

well, my name is also Ajay and i am technically a christian, but really an atheist. And i am also from india. Just saying, thats all.

Kryptonite42O1434d ago

what a tease. lol.
can't wait for E3. FC3 was one of my favorite games of last gen.