Release Day Announcement: R-Type Dimensions [KKEnt]

Kuma Wrote: I don’t know how many of you young gamers remember this game or downloaded it back in 2009 on the Xbox Marketplace, but R-Type has been one of those nostalgic futuristic shooters of my generation. I remember way back when in the 16 bit era, I went to my cousin’s house and asked to play his Genesis, now he didn’t have as strong as a collection as I had, but quality vs. quantity is always at play. He pops in R-type and I sit there going nuts rocking out this amazing shooter that was so fast paced and scattered all over the place. I loved my scattered shot and of course the two player mode for double the fun. I do remember a re-release of an updated version on the Ps2 that blew my mind, but nothing beats the classics.

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