EA SPORTS UFC Gameplay Series - Jose Aldo vs. Anthony Pettis

EA SPORTS UFC's Gameplay Series presents a full round of action, unleashing champs Jose Aldo and Anthony Pettis inside the Octagon

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NYC_Gamer1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

I'm going to give my impressions from the video

the game speed seems to be too fast

punches/kicks seem not to do any real damage because the fighter just walks through them

dislike the animations

the commentary sounds dull

the exchanges look very unrealistic

EA UFC seems to lean more towards being an arcade MMA fighter instead of sim

Bonkerz1673d ago

I completely disagree, this game looks fantastic. If you know anything about UFC and MMA you would understand the weight class these 2 are in is highly based on speed. Every single fight that Pettis and ALdo have been in they obviously start WAY fast because that is an advantage against the opponent. They get fatigued after rounds and overall length of the fight, we dont get to see that because we only see some of 1st round.

ShinMaster1673d ago

Punch @ 3:30 and 4:10 had no impact

Kick @ 5:06 had no impact

sup with that

LOGICWINS1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

The game speeds up as the weight division goes up. It CAN be a little slower, but not by much. Remember, these are 155 pounders. Aldo and Pettis (in REAL LIFE) have are VERY quick strikers. Also, keep in mind that both fighters are fresh. Its only Round 1.

"dislike the animations"


"the commentary sounds dull"


"the exchanges look very unrealistic"

Its a videogame. Gamers aren't as cautious with takedowns/counters when they themselves won't get hurt.

LOGICWINS1673d ago

"EA UFC seems to lean more towards being an arcade MMA fighter instead of sim"

Patience. Brian Hayes made it very clear that he wants the game to appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers. Casual/Sim modes will without a doubt make an appearance.

jetlian1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

still looks like fun and the graphics are great. stuns look better too none of that super slow motion stuff.

Also like how the height differance looks natural.

amnalehu1673d ago

@NYC_Gamer you said everything I was thinking.

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l-Mc-I1673d ago

As an mma fan I think this game looks great and I'm really looking forward to it. Can't wait!

LOL_WUT1673d ago

Wow those visuals definitely picking this up ;)

psplova1673d ago

Yes, as a MMA/boxing guy, I wholeheartedly agree. this looks pretty amazing. I figured that with Brian Hayes and the Fight Night talent working on this, it had potential, but wow... This looks incredible. Yes, some of the kicks that should have really done some damage, didn't so much, but this is a videogame and I'm sure there's a good reason for that too... I officially can't wait!

Julion07151673d ago

I like it can't wait for a demo to land!!!!

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