Five reasons the Xbox One went Kinectless

So the Xbox One now has an official Kinect-less SKU. From June 9th customers will be able to waltz into a store and pick up the console free from its hands-free voice and gesture controlled camera. Whilst many will claim to have seen this coming a mile off, with many more at least hoping it would come, here’s five reasons Microsoft pulled the plug on Kinect – sort of.

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IanVanCheese1646d ago

Price is the massive factor, being the most expensive system was hurting them for sure.

Dwalls11711646d ago

Biggest reason is MS honestly trying to do whatever they can to repair their public image and get consumers buying more XBONE's

And to be honest I commend them for trying hard

Problem is this latest move is just another MS backtrack , whis is becoming oh too familiar within the gaming community causing more mistrust and confusion. . . Its kinda like a double edged sword

IanVanCheese1646d ago

Backtracking on bad policies is never a bad thing. You can give them shit for having had them in the first place, but not for reversing them.

randomass1711646d ago

@Dwalls1171 I think you should make up your mind. You're literally arguing that Microsoft is damned if they do and damned if they don't.

darthv721646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I get what you are eluding to dwalls. Its like those who say they would get a xb1 if it didnt come with kinect. so now ms releases one without kinect and then the same people now say they dont trust ms because they changed their mind. What are they going to change their mind on next?

Seriously though, there is a difference between the platform and the platform holder. Its not the platforms fault that the platform holder cant get their act together. The platform just wants to sell and appeal to those who buy one through great games made exclusive as well as 3rd party.

to hold a grudge against the platform for the platform holders crazy thought process is just petty. dont punish the platform for the mistakes of others. Especially if there are those making a genuine effort to correct those mistakes.

It happened to sega. so many held a grudge against sega for the saturn/genesis/sega cd days that they shunned the dreamcast in the process. And the DC was segas attempt at redemption with doing so many things right. But many just couldnt see past the mistakes no matter how much effort sega did to make the dc a worthy platform.

I just cant limit myself when it comes to enjoying great games. some will say i am supporting those bad practices of the companies by buying their product. i say i am supporting my own personal choice to play the games i want to play.

ThanatosDMC1646d ago

yeah, they should've kept it bundled and reduced the price but then again there's the Titanfall bundle and that didnt work.

Menkyo1646d ago

@darth I said put out a kinectless and Id thing about getting one. @ tax time I may actually pick one up. I still dont trust MS their a conglomerate why would any one trust them?

Dwalls11711646d ago

your exactly right. That is what I am arguing. They are unfortunately in a loose loose situation. If they do nothing the public an media will kill them . . If they backtrack gaming community will slander them to dust.

Its a very rough predicament but its one MS put them selves in. they made a gamble to push Kinect hard this new console generation and so far they Rolled Snack eyes.

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avengers19781646d ago

There is only one reason, sales were not as good as they expected. Aprils NPD numbers also show they were declining pretty fast.

T21646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Those were pretty bad (numbers) . Questions now arise...
Who will want a Kinect for 99-149?
Will xbox be attractive without it?

Casuals may grab one for halo but how much would they pay

XiSasukeUchiha1646d ago

1. Sales
2. $$$$$$
3. Lowers the price to compete
4. Hatred of the Kinect is real!
5. Those two Investors of MS

randomass1711646d ago

I think more people just don't care about Kinect rather than actively hate it. I mean, it doesn't even have a whole lot of games that really use it. Why would anyone want it, especially on Xbox One?

cfc781646d ago

1 reason the fans wouldn't open their wallets.

ricochetmg1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

According to xbox fans the price was fine.

SpinalRemains1381646d ago

Right, but not to the other 3 million who declined.

MS isn't concerned about the ppl who already purchased one.

VforVideogames1646d ago

According to ps fans price was what make you buy a ps4 (not games), whats your excuse now? xbox has more games

MysticStrummer1646d ago

PS4 has the higher reviewed lineup.

Utalkin2me1646d ago

Its a MS product plain and simple. I wouldn't buy a xbox if it had all the games and Sony only had 1.

T21646d ago

It has substantially less games than ps4 as a simple search would show you. Spring has been shameful for Xbox literally a few games per month

randomass1711646d ago

Not all Xbox fans. But then, any new console will have fans defending it's initial price no matter what.

iamnsuperman1646d ago

Irrelevant since Microsoft isn't after those who already bought the system. Those 3 million or so people probably thought it was fine. Everyone else didn't see it the same way (the important bit)

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Godmars2901646d ago

MS was just looking at their own concerns rather than their customers. Where just that delusional and needed the reactions the DRM and Kinect caused to hopefully snap them into the real world.

Not that the money they make from Windows still isn't a buffer, but what was going on with Windows 8 also helped.

skydragoonity1646d ago

Here's one reason: poor sales

randomass1711646d ago

Sales for One were a little bit better than Wii U sales, I think. But yeah, they must have been pretty underwhelming for Microsoft to make this move.

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