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PSM3(Portuguese) MGS4 review: 94%

scan at the link (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 94/100

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Time Lord  +   2683d ago
94% is really good score
I think GTA4 got 95% from the same mag.
krackchap  +   2683d ago
samuraiX from gaf says :D
Reviews have changed. They're no longer about reasonable views, or objectivity. They're not even about independent thoughts, justification, or consistency. They're an endless series of pissing contests, fought by ignorant and egotistical journalists.

Reviews, and their vast consumption of human intellect, have become an irrational, depleted source of reliability.

Reviews have changed. ID-tagged journalists carry ID-tagged websites, use ID-tagged review scores. Illogical opinions inside their minds enhance and regulate their actions.

Hype control... Information control... Opinion control... Message board control. Everything is monitored, and kept under control.

Reviews have changed. The age of journalism reliance is now the age of control, averting catastrophe from reasonable review scores. And he who controls the message boards, controls history.

Reviews have changed. When the message boards are under total control, mandatory criticism becomes routine.
Fishy Fingers  +   2683d ago
That guy needs his own Blog. Just that small example of his lyrical intellect was better than 99% of the crap I read in Blogs/forums.

He is absolutely spot on.
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PirateThom  +   2683d ago
Hahaha, love the reference.
hardcorehippiez  +   2683d ago
taken from the great mgs4 itself only modified to suit your point . bravo bubbles up
Bonsai1214  +   2683d ago
cheers. that was excellent
SL1M DADDY  +   2683d ago
Spot on.
Not much else to say but kudos for the thoughts.
jwatt  +   2683d ago
Ha ha that was good!
theKiller  +   2683d ago
Reviews have changed. ID-tagged journalists carry ID-tagged websites, use ID-tagged review scores. Illogical opinions inside their minds enhance an...
that was the best quote ever!! and its 100% true!

bubble for u, and give me too, i need to increase them like u!
cr33ping_death  +   2683d ago
very nice....bubble for you.
wetowel  +   2683d ago
94? oh noes... the game flopped

vloeistof  +   2683d ago
good score
Havince  +   2683d ago
excellent score
and if i had the cash id buy a PS3 for this game
DarkArcani  +   2683d ago
If i had the cash
I'd buy you a PS3 for this game.
butterfinger  +   2683d ago
As long as this game..
scores over 90% on metacritic (first PS3 exclusive AAA) then I will be happy. I mean, this is really the first of many of the big name sequels that have yet to hit the PS3. GOW3, FF13, Tekken 6, GT5, and so on... I bought my PS3 for the games that the Playstation brand will deliver, not the ones that are already out (although we have had some good surprises [RFOM, Uncharted, Ratchet&Clank]).
disgaea  +   2683d ago
okcomputer  +   2683d ago
Who cares about this arbitrary 90% and up above requirement for "AAA" games. N4g is the only place i've ever seen that, and it was started by fanboy hacks looking for any ammo they could find to bash the ps3. It seems so completely random.. why not have 95% and up be "true" aaa, or 92.3 and up, or any other random number.

As for mgs4 being the "first aaa" game for ps3, you're telling me because uncharted got an 89.8, and ratchet got an 88.5, that those games weren't aaa because of a .2 and 1.5 difference in average scores? A top level game is a top level game, I couldn't care less what the reviews say. mgs4 could average a 1.0 rating for all I care, if I play it, and I love it, it's still aaa for me.
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PirateThom  +   2683d ago
Even with the gimped review from Eurogamer, it still has 93 from 3 reviews.
butterfinger  +   2683d ago
@ okcomputer
I totally agree, and it really is sad that N4G is overrun with fanboys/girls. The reviews have never stopped me from getting a game (I own 16 PS3 titles, including Haze), and they would not have prevented me from picking up MGS4. The fact of the matter is, it would just be one less thing that fanboys/girls could argue about (the PS3 lack of AAA titles). Uncharted (although not the highest score) is probably my favorite PS3 game to date:)
NeoBasch  +   2683d ago
As much as I love MGS, I did not buy my PS3 because of it. Instead, I bought it for the plethora of games I grew increasingly excited for. People who say they bought a PS3 for MGS... good for them. I just hope they take this chance and capitalize on the other games they missed out on by waiting this long. Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Heavenly Sword, Resistance, and WarHawk have quickly become favorites in PS3 gaming circles everywhere. Meanwhile, journalists continue to feed the fire and boost their egos. What do gamers get out of it? Nothing. This console wars business has gone too far. Tons and tons of great games have come out for every system, but people pull veils over their eyes because the media have created sides.

Everyone wants that titan. The sole game that can be put up on that pedestal and be held as the game that defined a generation. Who knows, maybe you found that game already, but the truth is there will never be one particular game that defines a system. Years from now, people will remember the PS3 for all the great games it had to offer throughout its lifetime. People will look back and see Uncharted. They will see Resistance. They will see all those games that helped shape the console's lifespan. They will remember all the good times they had, and no amount of triple A's will change that. Because frankly, it never has come down to the filth journalists spew out of their mouths. It comes down to the gamers. We're the ones who shape the generation. With our tastes and judgments.

In the end, all those pretty 9's and 10's don't matter. It all comes down to you. What do you think? Developers didn't make those games for the journalistic media. They made it for you. And when it comes down to you, no amount of 9.4's or 9.9's will be able to answer that question for you. What do you think? So while you wait for those numbers to color your world, us gamers will be living in the moment.

Those that have been eagerly awaiting MGS4, just two weeks left! :D Soon; very soon it will be ours. We will finally be able to witness the end to the saga. For the rest of us gamers, it looks like we're in for another treat.
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heyheyhey  +   2683d ago
so would this be the score for the UK mag too?

good score, unless they took away marks because the story is "too complex"

loads of reviewers have been doing that and all they're saying basically is that the story is really good- but the game is beign marked down for that
pwnsause  +   2683d ago
metacritic just updated with that s**t Eurogamer score, Ban those dumb f**ks
heyheyhey  +   2683d ago
Eurogamer lost all creibility by letting a biased, MGS-hater review the game

i can't belive Meta even counts that bullsh!t review
AllseeingEye  +   2683d ago
Krackchap said it best
The only real judge should be you because it is almost impossible to believe reviews from any site anymore.
LTC  +   2683d ago
Dont worry this game will get such high marks that Eurogamers score wont make a difference.
trancefreak  +   2683d ago
Its amazing how a game with so much depth, dialog, storytelling, great graphical environments, emotion, serious attention to detail, controls, innovation, could fall a hair short to undeserving games. with that being said i still think the reviews are mostly acceptable since i have not played the game yet to judge for myself, and they are great score at best. but there needs to be a clear definition of what perfection means and im referring to gta IV which clearly got a 10 and had its flaws. I really liked gta 4 but what makes it perfect and mgs not according to some of the reviews.

Bottom line its clearly up to the gamers who will give credit by supporting games that are well deserved of. we know this gen wont be clear cut from big play reviewers but i guess we can take the overall reviewers opinion and then be the final judge to how great are games are. scoring #s are very subjective these days but we can use them as a way to categorize good from bad.
solidt12  +   2683d ago
Another great review.
CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2683d ago
How sites afflicted with CNet like MetaCritic and GameRankings do NOT put all these 90%+ reviews but put in the very unprofessional review of Eurogamer.

Because you trolls even start saying MGS4 suck eurogamer was right, please try reading the reviews not the title only.
pp  +   2683d ago
MGS4 is turning out to be a flop
LTC  +   2683d ago
LOL I cant believe u still have NG as your avatar
IGN 9.9
Gamepro 5/5
Meristation 10/10
Dont be so bitter that NG2 is the flop of the year.

Edit; Ha pp has just changed his avatar to GEOW, dont worry GEOW 2 will flop aswell.
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Cop_Boy  +   2683d ago
@ PP
Only an ignorant fanboy would agree with ya , and for your kind information IGN gave it a 9.9 , purely based on the merit of this spectacular game in the history of games unlike being paid by R* or M$ for their stupid overhyped Halo3 and Grand Gay Auto 4 (which is collecting dust) ...

with MGS4 the true next gen begins ,,,,,, hey PP its da best time for ya to switch sides or ,,,,,, u know right ??
CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2683d ago
UK Official Playstation Mag - 10
PSM -10
US Official Playstation Mag -10
PSM Italy - 10
Chief (Belgium) - 9.7
Hobby Consolas - 9.6
Dutch OPM - 9.6
IGN UK - 9.9
Gamemaster - 9.7
PSM (Portugese) 9.4
Meristation - 10
GamePro - 10
Chief Belguim - 9.7
Level #26 - 10
Eurogamer - 8
Juexvideo - 9

Current Average 9.7/10
pp  +   2683d ago
But still not a perfect score too bad
Jamie Foxx  +   2683d ago
and certain games which got a perfect score once the mist cleared the world and there dog could see there far from it *cough* halo *cough* gta4
Cop_Boy  +   2683d ago
as if ...
your Ninga Gayden 2 received full scores ,,,,,,, ha ha ha ha LMAO
9331  +   2683d ago
June 12 MGS4 is mine.....i am Snake
SEAN1617  +   2683d ago
lets ban these FB from the gamer zone please
these guys are just leave so much mind numbing comments that its really hurting my head. report them please. IE pp
bioshock  +   2683d ago
in the end its gamer who matters most
i mean we all played halo3, gears, bioshock , gta4 and said these are overhyped bullsht games. so what these developer dont understand is tht reviwers wont gonna buy next time its us. gamers!!!!..satisfy us thts gonna sell ur sequal not bullcrap 95 not metacritc......
but as far ths this is concerned, i knw it wont disappoint anyone....
lolitaalilia   2682d ago | Spam
Angelitos  +   2682d ago
uh, this is the MGS4(Paris) Portugese review, take this off!!!!!!!

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