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Time Lord3432d ago

I think GTA4 got 95% from the same mag.

krackchap3432d ago

Reviews have changed. They're no longer about reasonable views, or objectivity. They're not even about independent thoughts, justification, or consistency. They're an endless series of pissing contests, fought by ignorant and egotistical journalists.

Reviews, and their vast consumption of human intellect, have become an irrational, depleted source of reliability.

Reviews have changed. ID-tagged journalists carry ID-tagged websites, use ID-tagged review scores. Illogical opinions inside their minds enhance and regulate their actions.

Hype control... Information control... Opinion control... Message board control. Everything is monitored, and kept under control.

Reviews have changed. The age of journalism reliance is now the age of control, averting catastrophe from reasonable review scores. And he who controls the message boards, controls history.

Reviews have changed. When the message boards are under total control, mandatory criticism becomes routine.

Fishy Fingers3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

That guy needs his own Blog. Just that small example of his lyrical intellect was better than 99% of the crap I read in Blogs/forums.

He is absolutely spot on.

PirateThom3431d ago

Hahaha, love the reference.

hardcorehippiez3431d ago

taken from the great mgs4 itself only modified to suit your point . bravo bubbles up

Bonsai12143431d ago

cheers. that was excellent

SL1M DADDY3431d ago

Not much else to say but kudos for the thoughts.

theKiller3431d ago

that was the best quote ever!! and its 100% true!

bubble for u, and give me too, i need to increase them like u!

cr33ping_death3431d ago

very nice....bubble for you.

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wetowel3432d ago

94? oh noes... the game flopped


Havince3431d ago

and if i had the cash id buy a PS3 for this game

DarkArcani3431d ago

I'd buy you a PS3 for this game.

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