RPCS3 - Playstation 3 Emulator - New Video Shows "The Guided Fate Paradox" Running

RPCS3 is undoubtedly an emulator with huge potential. YouTube’s member ‘B1ackDaemon’ has recently released a video showing Sonic CD running and today, we’ve got another video showing The Guided Fate Paradox running via this emulator.

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Austin481669d ago

I wish I new how to emulate my games ins ps3.

elhebbo161669d ago

Well at the stage that it is right now, its very experimental. the emulator is not even done yet.

theshonen88991669d ago

I would love it if Sony hired him to help bring a PS3 emulator to PS4.

uth111668d ago

Emulators are very resource intensive, usually you can't emulate last gen on current gen very well.

ATi_Elite1668d ago

there is a better PS3 emulator out there but you need a BEAST of a PC and some Knowledge to run it.

also learning some Russian would help too but IT WORKS like a Champ.

Good enough to play Red Dead Redemption!!

Ju1669d ago

I wouldn't call this "running". rather crawling....and then with a game which probably doesn't use 90% of PS3's resources and still is buggy as hell. <1-2fps - which makes it almost look acceptable - wouldn't that video actually run at 8x the speed. This will never ever run PS3 games. Not even if they iron out the bugs. But, well, great achievement getting that far. Just can't see why people waste their time on a lost cause.

Dasteru1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

There is nothing "lost cause" about it. It just takes time to program. It took more than 5 years after the PS2s firmware was cracked and fully understood before PCSX2 was running well, and Cell is alot further from x86 than EE was.

From a purely technical standpoint, modern high end PCs could already emulate the PS3 6-7 times over. But it still needs to be coded.

GamingTruth1669d ago

based on specs right? thats not enough to make emulation for your precious pcs feasible

Dasteru1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Based on actual technical capabilities. That is why i said it actually takes coding also. Obviously it isn't plug and play. There are potentially 100k+ lines of code that need to be created, these emulators typically only have 5 or 6 people tops working on them on their free time. So yeah, it takes time.

PCs can already theoretically emulate the PS4 but someone has to actually crack and interpret the PS4s firmware and then create the emulator, which takes time. Given the fact that the PS4 is x86 based, it will most likely be fully emulated long before the PS3 is. Taking a completely unique and complex architecture like Cell and trying to get x86 to understand it, is not an easy task. Take the Sega Saturn for example, the PS2 is already fully emulated and capable of running 4k res at 120fps with a good enough system, yet the Saturn is still basically unplayable. So is the Dreamcast for that matter. Both of those systems had very complex architectures.

elhebbo161668d ago

@Dasteru just stop you cant argue with ignorant morons. they believe what they want to believe.

Ju1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

No, they can't. No PC has the bandwidth requirement a fully utilized CELL delivers. The peak bandwidth of 6 SPUs running simultaneously is 200GB/s. No PC has this sort of bandwidth. GPUs do, but they are limited in emulating SPU op code (= not possible) which means, you have to emulate most of those things with the CPU - and yet again it'll fail here because the CELL-RSX interconnect is a 20+GB/s bus - which even PCIe 3 can hardly handle (e.g GPUs trigger callbacks on the CELL to let the SPUs do texture filtering - PCs are too slow to do this @ 30fps).

You would need at least 7-8 cores to emulate this CPU because of this + latency issues. Realtime is an issue with latency, not just brute force power. The PS3 is a highly parallel machine. You could probably emulate the GPU 4x over...but you can't simulate the CELL. You can from a simple programing standpoint, but not in real time. 1fps per second pretty much agrees with me here - and this example must be one of the simplest games ever made, guaranteed no much SPU usage there (if any, there are games which simply run PPU + RSX with NO(!) SPU code at all - this is probably one of those). Now show me KZ3 running on an emulator. This would be fun.

elhebbo161668d ago

@Ju I know you are trying to talk with people that actually know there stuff here, but stop you are embarrassing yourself :). go back to playing PS4 or whatever and leave emulation to the people who know about it.

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The Great Melon1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Lost Cause? PS2 was lost cause to emulate 10 years ago, but look where we are today. I can run the bulk of the PS2 library on my PC at twice the framerate at quadruple the resolution. It just takes a lot of coding, reverse engineering, and pc oomf to get to a point where we can emulate a console. Granted I do believe the 7th generation consoles will be harder to get up and running since we can no longer rely solely on exponential increases in CPU clock speed to achieve the power we need. The main gains in power come from intelligent architecture design and sophisticated software.

Dasteru1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

I am already running most games on PCSX2 at 3840x2880 at 70-80fps and my system was mid-high end when i built it over 4 years ago.

Ju1668d ago

OK, bookmark this here and give me a wink in 10 years with "told you so" . I can handle it.

renerak1669d ago

Wow that escalated faster than expected. Awesome work dudes, can't wait to play so many jrpg's i couldn't play. And red dead.

Inception1669d ago

I always have one question when saw things like this:

If you got the skill (programming, etc) and time to make this emulator, than why not developed some games for PS3 rather than pirating/cracking other people works?

Dasteru1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Why not take the time to learn about emulation rather than ignorantly assuming it can only be used for pirating/cracking?

Emulation can also be used for playing games you actually own, at higher resolution and framerates with texture filters. Try playing FFXII at 3840x2880 at 75fps with 8x AA, 16x AF, V-Sync and more. All the games i play on PCSX2 i own the disks for and have ripped myself using DVD Decrypter.

BBBQ_BYOBB1668d ago

Ripping your own PS2 games to play on PC at a higher resolution sounds like a huge waste of time to me. But don't kid yourself, 99.9% of emulation is for piracy.

elhebbo161668d ago

@BBBQ so what just because you think its a waste of time doesn't mean it is to others, try thinking outside your little hub.

Dasteru1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

5 minutes to rip a game so that you get hours and hours of playtime with vastly better visuals, is a waste of time? The difference is alot bigger than just a resolution bump.

Also alot of people download movies illegaly on PCs, does that mean that PCs should be illegal and nobody should be allowed to own computers, because obviously computers are only for movie pirates right? It is human nature to take advantage of things and do the most they can with what they have. The fact is, emulation by definition is designed for playing original disks/backups. Don't criticize emulation itself for the choices people make when using it.

Baka-akaB1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Oh yeah waiting for years that Valkyria profile and Xenosaga 1-3 were made available on the ps store , and now PS NOW , was far quicker and efficient than running owned copies well on recent machines with a few enhancements /s

Dear god do you guys even listen to yourselves ...

"But don't kid yourself, 99.9% of emulation is for piracy. "

Who is kidding himself there ? Of course plenty just pirate . It's their problem , those that dont shouldnt need to feel guilty about it .

Why do you even think Capcom had such fancy GGPO based hd old fighting game remasters ? They noticed the emu scene , how popular those games stil were , and wanted a piece of that .

If everyone simply pirated , those games wouldnt sell at all

kevinsheeks1668d ago

Keep in mind Dasteru the same people here saying it's a waste of time to do this for a resolution boost are the same people that turn around and praise a company for releasing a year old game with "updated visuals"

Inception1668d ago

It's a simple question and no one from you who supported this unofficial emulator can answer my question.

Ju1668d ago

PS are aware these run actually PS3 HW, yes? 4 (micro) PS3s in one 19" blade a piece.

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uth111668d ago

emulation is a way of preserving and playing old retro games long after the hardware ceases to function.

Inception1668d ago

If you talked official emulation than yes i'm agree. But not like this one.

mixelon1669d ago

Still years off being useful, but it's a good start. :)

I thoroughly suspect we'll see a good PS4 emulator before we see a PS3 one. The PS4 is a lot more PC-like. Still, going to be ages before we get either.

Ju1668d ago

I think so, too. However, this will work only unless games start using the shared mem on the PS4; I am curious how this is gonna be emulated. Yet again, brute force would require a mem transfer (over some bus) which must be faster than what the PS4 has now (with sharing addresses only) - address translation could probably be worked around. OTHO, the CPU and system memory doesn't have any particular feature a current PC can't emulate.

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