Hyrule Warriors dated for Japan, new scan

Famitsu provides a Japanese release date for Hyrule Warriors in its latest issue.

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DryBoneKoopa851670d ago

E3 can't come soon enough!!! Never been to interested in the Warriors series but I don't mind giving the franchise a try with a Zelda theme over it. Maybe this will get me into the warriors franchise and I will get hooked after. Either way can't wait to play this.

Realplaya1670d ago

Bubble for you sir as I feel the same way.

BattleN1669d ago

I just want to mass murder millions of ganons minions with the master sword.

No_Limit1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

If this game is coming out this year, then the hope of a proper Zelda game to come out this year might be slim to none. I am sure Nintendo will announce a new Zelda game at E3 but I can't imagine them having two Zelda games coming out around the same time.

thehobbyist1670d ago

Zelda U, launching January 1st.

Summons751670d ago

You had really big hopes if you thought a game NIntendo said wouldn't be out until 2015 would be out in 2014.

Hyrule Warriors is going to be this years Zelda and then Zelda U next year but they are going to show off Zelda U off at E3 with a better idea on when to expect it.I highly doubt they would compromise this games sales with Zelda U.

Syakinta1670d ago

"Producer: Hisashi Koinuma, Yosuke Hayashi"

"Yosuke Hayashi"

Now we all know the game is going to be really good.

thehobbyist1670d ago

Yosuke Hayashi
Other M
Hopefully he's learned.

Summons751670d ago

Other M really wasn't that bad, they just did what people wanted and focused more on the story. The voice acting was the only bad thing about it, which is why The Legend of Zelda should never have voice acting because the people begging for it will be the first to cry and b***H about it.

Concertoine1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

He produced it, Sakamoto is the one who took it in the wrong direction.
Who in f*** wanted more story in a metroid game? Nobody wanted other m. It literally makes no sense in the canon without eliminating other (better) games, it screwed up a well developed main character, and now the future of the series could be in question because the massive marketing campaign didnt make up for the fact that no one wanted the game.

--Onilink--1670d ago

well gameplay wise it was very good (aside from the stupid first person segments, those were poorly thought)

It was story wise that the game failed to win me over, but not a bad game in any way

AWBrawler1670d ago

Anyway looks like impa in the scan and ghirahim

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